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Writing is Like Love is the new blog for author M. Stone. M. Stone shares the journey and struggles faced by many authors who find a passion for words keeping them up at night. Support this up and coming indie author and check it out here! Thanks!

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Writing is Like Love

  1. 1. Writing is Like Love Sunday, June 8, 2014 Writing is Like Love Writing is like love . . . . A great idea catches your eye/sparks your mind. It's amazing. It's wonderful. It could just work. You write the intro feverishly, investing time you would typically use to do other things, with not even a pang of regret - because this could really be something! This book could be The One! You know, the book that changes hearts, minds, souls and brings you the fulfillment of every author's dream. You tell others excitedly about it - or you keep it to yourself in hopes of springing it on others at just the right time (Wabam!! - Check out who I found/what I did!). Then somewhere in the middle, the doubts come in. You begin to think, I'm not sure where I'm going with this storyline. I'm not sure this part is going to work. I shouldn't have included that side-plot. I'm not sure I'm communicating what I mean to here. And slowly you find you desire less and less to spend time writing that great novel. Frustration moves in - maybe even writers block. Perhaps you begin to think, Maybe this isn't The ONE. Maybe I should move on to another great idea. Maybe I'll keep this novel on the side and start a new one and if that one doesn't work, I can always come back to this one again. Maybe this is where you part ways with that novel you were so excited about in the beginning. Yet, every great author knows the truth (I'm not one yet, but I hope to be) . . . writing is like love. If you invest time into it, learn, study it, discipline yourself to move beyond the emotions and excitement to the heart of it -- the hard work of it --, seek advice from others who have succeeded in it, read their works, see what they did, how did they make it, read their struggles, see how they survived, pray over it, seek to finish what you started even at the cost of putting aside other things which as time goes on appear more important, develop a character of perseverance (I will not quit. I will finish what I started), then you will find the fulfillment you seek - the fulfillment of every author's dream -- a finished work. But even then it is not finished. It requires continual editing. It will seem no matter how many times you review it, have others review it, tiny mistakes continuously appear, small errors innocently made which frustrate you and your readers. It requires continual work and dedication. And you learn more and more as you go on. If you do not quit. Yet like love, even though it can be difficult, writing is worth it. And like love you may find that even with hard work, investment, time-spent, dedication the idea does not succeed. Yet without investment, time-spent, dedication, etc the idea was doomed to fail from the beginning. Like love the risk is worth it -- and should the idea fail, a new one may be waiting right around the corner if you do not give up. ~Mirage M. Stone -------------------------------- I started this blog to share my learning experiences as an indie author. Mirage Stone Follow 0 View my complete profile About Me ▼ 2014 (1) ▼ June (1) Writing is Like Love Blog Archive Share 0 More Next Blog» lorihil.immenselysocial@gmail.com Dashboard Sign Out
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