Writer's wednesday: september 11th tribute immensely social


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Visit to watch the videos, http://immenselysocial.com/september-11th-tribute/
"There have been wars, suspicion, and conspiracy theories since that tragic day. Whatever happened, I think we can all agree that anyone affected has been forever changed. Let us remember all lives change in NY, Washington, PA and around the world. Let us remember in love and hope for a better future."

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Writer's wednesday: september 11th tribute immensely social

  1. 1. Writer’s Wednesday: September 11th Tribute Posted on September 11, 2013 0 September 11th a Tribute of Writers Considering, Writer’s Wednesday has fallen on the anniversary of that tragic day in the United States 12 years ago, I thought we would do well to stop and remember. The impact of writers who came together to share their heartfelt condolences and encouragements, is moving. On September 11th, 2001 the world changed forever for so many. I still remember where I was that day as I watched the TV helplessly, trying to figure out what was happening. How about you? Twins – September 11th, Poem Immensely Social Resources for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Enthusiasts, and Lovers of Life, Art, & Fun
  2. 2. September 11, 2001 by James Davis And leave it to the young writers to bring tears to my eyes. Whatever your feelings are about America right now, this is touching… September 11 poem
  3. 3. Why remember? For the lives lost, but not forgotten. Do you believe in the power of words to bring comfort and healing. As writer’s, that may just be our highest calling. Below is a 2013 Anniversary special of 9/11 that shows how iconic those twin towers have been in so many lives. 9/11 12th Anniversary Special 2013, The World Trade Center, Historical Archive, Tribute
  4. 4. Please leave your comments and share your thoughts! Feel free to also share links of poems or tributes that you found moving. Today, let us remember all those affected by the lives lost. Let us not forget those related to the Pentagon and PA, as well. In loving memory of lives lost and the many more affected by this tragedy, we send love and continued healing these 12 years later <3, Hil This entry was posted in Writer's Wednesdays and tagged 2001, 9/11, power of words, Sept 11, September 11th, tribute, writer's wednesday, writing by Lori Hil. Bookmark the permalink.