Why Women Like Long Walks on the Beach


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As I look around my world, and look back at my life, it becomes pleasantly AND painfully obvious that there are a plethora of simple pleasures that I am either grateful I have had the chance to experience or regretful that I shied away from. I'm guessing that is true for all of us...

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Why Women Like Long Walks on the Beach

  1. 1. Mindless Good Cheer Welcome to our blog When we have our musical instruments strapped to us you can expect music which, in turn, becomes entertainment. In our blog we hope to be able to entertain you with the instrument of choice in the blogosphere. That instrument is the written word. In our song, "Florida Waltz (One, Two, Three, Florida)," we sing the line: "One of those pleasures in life you should not pass by." The line has become somewhat of a mantra. Of course, in the context of the song, the line is referring to the dance itself: the Florida Waltz. But as I hear my own words coming back at me I have noticed that the line has gone through some sort of metamorphosis. It now speaks louder to me and holds more meaning than it originally did. In fact, for me, it has changed the meaning of Florida Waltz from a simple three step dance into a metaphor for enjoying life. Especially the little things. As I look around my world, and look back at my life, it becomes pleasantly AND painfully obvious that there are a plethora of simple pleasures that I am either grateful I have had the chance to experience or regretful that I shied away from. I'm guessing that is true for all of us. To create a video for our song we drove to a popular Florida beach to get shots. The beach we chose was Clearwater Beach. The drive is about 120 miles from our homes in Ocala, Florida. Clearwater is on Florida's gulf coast and we chose this beach on the west side of Florida for one simple reason: The sunset. I hadn't read much about the beach or the pier and, to be honest, I simply picked it because it looked good on Google maps. We arrived late on a Saturday afternoon at a place called Pier 60. It was very busy. I had no idea how popular this place was. Every parking lot within nearly a mile was completely filled. When we finally found a parking garage with some vacancies it was a six story structure and I decided to park on the roof. We got out of the car, grabbed our cameras, and walked to the edge of the roof. From that vantage point, an elevation of about sixty or seventy feet, we could see the vast and beautiful Gulf of Mexico, the silvery white sands of the beach, the thousands of beachgoers enjoying themselves, and the pier which was now nearly a mile away. To get to our destination we had three walking choices: the sidewalk along Coronado Drive, the Promenade that runs between the seaside resorts and the beach, or the beach itself. We chose to walk on the beach. Our mission was to get video and photographs. There were plenty of opportunities along our walk. People of all ages, children chasing seagulls, teenagers flying frisbees, sunbathers taking advantage of the last three hours of the Florida sun, shell hunters, soccer players, and then the beach walkers. Seeing the beach walkers, and being one myself, somehow pressed the "a-ha" button within me and finally explained one of the mysteries of women. If I didn't have your attention before I probably do now! First I guess I'll have to admit that, in my lifetime, I have scanned the personal ads now and then. They used to be in newspapers and now they're on the internet. There is something entertaining about reading the words of someone looking to find a mate. And, from a man's point of view, there is an education in those ads if you're trying to find out what women REALLY want. The simple and practical application for knowing what women want is that it empowers you to offer those things. Genuine or not. Some of those things made sense. The women wanted someone their own age, they wanted someone with a good sense of humor, someone with a steady job, and someone faithful. The one thing I never got that nearly ALL women seemed to be including in their personal ads was the line that said they were looking for a man who enjoyed taking long walks on the beach. What? Why is THAT important? Men usually run INTO the waves, they don't usually walk PARALLEL to them! And if they DO have to walk parallel to the waterline it's a short walk not a Why Women Like Long Walks On The Beach By Larry Whitler, Jul 13 2014 01:12PM Back to Post List Web feed Our Blog Home About Our Act Our Music Florida Waltz Mindless Good Cheer (Our Blog) Contact Us Friends Of Friends
  2. 2. LONG walk AND there's a practical reason for the short walk like fetching the frisbee. For a man, the beach is about the water, not the sand! Okay, the girls in the bikinis lying ON the sand certainly get our attention but long walks don't make any sense at all. Or at least they didn't. As I sigh at my own stupidity for not getting the whole "long walk on the beach" thing I take solace in knowing that I can now impart my newfound wisdom to men much younger than me so that they, too, may get this female mystery. We walked the seven tenths of a mile toward Pier 60 and I had my video camera on the whole time. Remember, I was on a mission. I got some great shots, too. My efforts were somewhat covert, however. Let me explain. The kid chasing the seagull? Well, he also happened to be positioned PERFECTLY so that the woman in the red bikini would be in the shot. The guys playing soccer? Same thing. The old man with the metal detector? Trust me, it wasn't about the old man. You get the idea. So before you guys start to call me a wuss for finally "getting" the long-walk-on-the-beach mystery, I just want you to know that, as old as I am, I can still snap my head with the best of you. But here's what you need to know. When I reviewed the captured video shots during the editing process I noticed something more than the slyly placed bikini women. I actually saw the smile on the face of the boy chasing the seagull, I saw the spirit of competition on the faces of those guys playing soccer, and I saw a story in the lines on the old man's face looking for lost change. In other words, I saw life. Women see life. They see it everywhere. We only see women. We are so stupid. And when women walk on the beach, and you're joining them, you're in THEIR life. THAT is why women want a man that likes taking long walks on the beach! They want a man who can see LIFE. They want that kind of a man to be in THEIR life. Holy cow. That is some revelation. That is what we WANT. We WANT to be in someone's LIFE. So my advice to all the guys who read this (if there are any) is to indulge in that long walk on the beach. Discover the pleasures in life. There are SO many pleasures in life you should not pass by and most of them are the little things. You know, when I first wrote "Florida Waltz" my thought was that nobody does the waltz and that nobody wants a song in three quarter time. But you know what? They do. And they do for one simple reason: It is one of those pleasures in life you should not pass by. Like taking a long walk on the beach. Oh, and by the way, the same thing is true for sunsets. We really don't get why a woman is so obsessed with sunsets. But the answer is the same. They see life. When men watch a sunset we only see a giant fire ball in outer space disappearing beyond the horizon because of the roatation of the earth. But women see their children becoming a day older, they see departed loved ones, they see past lovers, and they see another page being turned in the book of life. We need to see those things. So enjoy sunsets, too. And do the Florida Waltz, for GOD'S SAKE! It truly is "One of those pleasures in life you should NEVER pass by." 2 comments Filed under: Visit Florida, Florida Tourism, , Sunset, Beach, Clearwater, Women, men, walks 2 comments Jul 13 2014 01:59PM by Paula TweetTweet 12LikeLike 12ShareShare
  3. 3. * Required Name * Email * Comment* Submit Add a comment Jul 13 2014 11:34PM by sirgiant When Duane and I were just there to visit in May, he chose a place for me right on the beach of clear water, I had told him what I wanted, and he surpassed my expectations! So great choice for your place to do the video, and yes we are older and wiser too, as he did take the evening strolls on the beach with me, one or two of them were reluctantly but after beginning that journey I think he was actually able to see some of the simple pleasures of "just taking a walk on a beautiful beach" on the final night of our stay he did propose to me, even after the different unexpected things we had to endure during a vacation that had been planned five months prior, without hesitation, a simple walk on the beach is more pure than so many would think, to take the edge off a tough day, or to just simply open up a whole new world of possibilities by clearing the cobwebs out of the head :-) thanks guys for doing this for others to see the beauty in the world that otherwise they may not, Thank you for commenting, Paula. I love your story of how (and where) Duane proposed to you. - Larry