Weight Loss Coffee Truth or Myth?


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Does Weight Loss Coffee Work?

We’ve all heard the chatter about Weight Loss Coffee. People all over the world are claiming to lighten their scales by drinking a cup of this miracle coffee. But, with so many false claims on the internet is weight loss coffee for real or a myth?

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Weight Loss Coffee Truth or Myth?

  1. 1. Home About Me Blog Contact Me WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE | Truth or Myth? Posted on May 14, 2014 by Adriana Casanova — Weight Loss Coffee | Truth or Myth? Does Weight Loss Coffee Work? We’ve all heard the chatter about Weight Loss Coffee. People all over the world are claiming to lighten their scales by drinking a cup of this miracle coffee. But, with so many false claims on the internet is weight loss coffee for real or a myth? You’re probably came across this review because you are looking to try some weight loss coffee or maybe your looking to join a coffee MLM. Either way your in the right place. I’m going to sep- arate the coffee myths from the truth. After all coffee is the most consumed beverage next to water in the world and the second largest commodity traded only second to oil. That’s a lot of coffee! Think about it! If you could simply replace your morning cups of coffee with a miracle fat buster wouldn’t you? I believe that all coffee drinkers would and the Big Coffee Companies are counting on it. Sharing is Sexy! TweetTweet 1 3 2 LikeLike ShareShare ShareShare
  2. 2. I’m going to list the actual ingredients that have been PROVEN by science to assist in fat loss and some other ingredients that only claimed to. Weight loss coffee’s usually have only one or two ingredients that may assist in weight loss and I couldn’t believe it when I came across two companies that actually had none. They want you to take a pill along with your coffee to get results. That’s not weight loss coffee in my opinion! CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE Here’s a list of Ten Ingredients that some weight loss coffee companies choose from to infuse their coffees: 1. Sinetrol Mediterannean Diet Extracts – It’s added to thermally burn fat faster and studies have show 5-6 lbs of steady weight loss per month. 2. Evodiamine – This is a thermogenic fat burning sensation with such intensity a rise in body temperature can be felt. It also blocks fat uptake in fat cells. 3. Pterostilbene Crystal Caffeine - This complex molecule releases up to eight hours of substantial, sustainable energy. You be like the energizer bunny that keeps going and going… instead of the short two hour buzz caffeine gives. We all know that buzz is followed by a dramatic energy crash. It’s not that great for your bodies biology either. 4. Chromium Polynicotinate - for insulin receptor stimulation for fat usage by lean muscle mass taking in fat for energy creation and fat loss. 5. Yerba Mate Extract – Gives you cardiovascular energy and increases fat burning energy. 6. EGCG’s from Green Tea – They increase your fat burning metabolism, cellular uptake of fat, inhibiting digestion of carbohydrates and reducing your appetite. Yay! 7. Guarana – Increases energy metabolism and synergistically interact with Sinetrol to accelerate the Mediterranean diet fat burning power. 8. Green Coffee Bean Chlorogenic Acid extract – Increases the fat usage metabolism and suppresses fat storage. 9.Garcinia Cambogia extract – May curb appetite, suppress fat storage, increase energy and interferes with fat storage enzyme production. 10. Raspberry Ketone extract – Know to suppress the appetite while utilizing glucose to increase fat burning and energy release, breakdown & destruction of fats, speed up metabolism, pro- tect against fat build up especially in the liver. Smart Ingredient to infuse into weight loss coffee. Great News! Yes, you can actually replace your current coffee with weight loss coffee and lose fat with out diet and exercise. However, many of the big fat Coffee Companies formulas and systems only have one or two ingredients and in some cases none. That’s the reason that results vary from great results to no change. Remember two of the companies that I’ve found want you to take a pill with their so called weight loss coffee. That’s not weight loss coffee! That’s just coffee and ridiculous! The point is that some of these coffees do assist with weight loss and some are just coffee. Amazingly, I found One Coffee Company that has taken taken a spectacularly different approach. They actually use ALL ten ingredients in a synergistic blend of what may seem to work like a fat burning miracle. The science certainly backs up the ingredients.
  3. 3. You’d probably think that this is the most expensive coffee considering it’s potential to burn the fat and even block fat from attaching to your body with little effort. Imagine a coffee that you can feel working. Expensive? Not At All! SISEL KAFFE is the least expensive and contains all ten weight loss ingredients! With so many coffee lovers around the world and the world being the heaviest it’s ever been, opportunities abound for those who want to benefit from the lucrative coffee industry. Sisel KAFFÉ makes it easy to get into the coffee market by letting you start your own distribution business sharing the best weight loss coffee and the best-tasting ‘healthy’ coffee with your friends and family. You can start your own business and as you share Sisel KAFFÉ and build your distributor team, you will earn a residual income to potentially replace your current pay check.
  4. 4. Take this opportunity, share Sisel Kaffe with others and build a supplemental income you’ve always dreamed of and always drink SISEL KAFFE the healthiest coffee on the market. You may have questions about Sisel Kaffe’s health benefits or wealth benefits and I’d be happy to help you get your questions answered. CLICK HERE TO CONTACT ME! Sisel Kaffe has the most competitive compensation plan in the Coffee MLM industry and it’s yours for the taking! CLICK HERE TO GET A PIECE OF THE COFFEE! Adriana Casanova
  5. 5. SEO Powered By SEOPressor 2 thoughts on “WEIGHT LOSS COFFEE | TRUTH OR MYTH?” P.S. If you are wondering how to grow your business online and are feeling lost.. Learn how I got started CLICK HERE to get access to my 6 Figure Online Success Blueprint and start creating your dream life! Have Questions? Email me: info@meetadrianacasanova.com Skype me: adriana.casanova856 Facebook: http://facebook.com/employeetoentrepreneur About Adriana Casanova Adriana is former corporate paralegal, turned network marketer & online marketer. She went from being an overworked, stressed out, single mom to living a laptop lifestyle in Sunny South Florida. Adriana is a creative network marketing consultant and trainer, specializing in social media marketing, attraction marketing and blogging. If your se- rious about taking your business to the next level Adriana has the tools that will help you succeed. Facebook • Twitter • Linkedin • Google • Youtube • Pinterest • Instagram • Related Posts: 1. HOW TO CHOOSE A NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY HOW TO CHOOSE A NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY In today’s economy... This entry was posted in Network Marketing and tagged Coffee, Weight Loss Coffee by Adriana Casanova. Bookmark the permalink [http://meetadrianacasanova.com/weight-loss-cof- fee-is-it-for-real/] . Bill Potting on May 17, 2014 at 4:26 pm said: Great article, Adriana! Sisel Kaffe is definitely the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had and now they are making coffee that will help lose weight as well! Amazing! This is a great review and I love the video of Tom Mower. Anyone who is interested in getting started in network marketing should definitely check out Sisel and Sisel Kaffe! Bill Potting recently posted…AdvoCare | AdvoCare Review | AdvoCare Scam Opportunity or NOT? Read this expert review before you join AdvoCare! Adriana Casanova on May 17, 2014 at 6:28 pm said: Hey Bill, Sisel Kaffe is also the best coffee I’ve EVER had too and trust me I’ve probably tasted most of them… and It’s helping me lose weight. I really love this coffee : ) Adriana