The Downside to Working From Home: A Writer's & Freelancer's Guide


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Working from home is fab, but there are some downsides. Here's a few and how to fix them...

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The Downside to Working From Home: A Writer's & Freelancer's Guide

  1. 1. HOME 05 MAR 2014 ABOUT IS BUSINESS RESOURCES PERSONAL RESOURCES BOOKS WE LOVE The Downside to Working From Home: A Writer’s & Freelancer’s Guide categories: Writer's Wednesdays Is there a downside to working from home? Let me start out by saying, I’m not sharing this post to be a “Negative Nelly.” I adore writing, freelancing, and working from home. I have, however, been doing this “working online at home” gig for a while now and I’ve learned a thing or two. I want to share with you today, a few of the issues I have run into and some solutions to them that may make your experience better, as well. *I would also like to enlist your help in sharing with our community here at Immensely Social any tips and tricks you have for working from home. You can do that by leaving a comment with your top solutions. Thank you for doing so! With that intro, let’s jump into some things you can do to have a more efficient and enjoyable “working from home” experience: Work From Home with Efficiency and Pizzazz First off… Save the Eyes Before I started working from home staring at a screen, I had 20/20 vision. Now, I get headaches, my eyes often feel strained, and I wear anti-glare glasses. (I also moved to the Equator which means close sun that can be harsh on my Irish green eyes. But, I know the increase in computer time has been the main culprit.) What can you do? CONTACT ME Search
  2. 2. Have your eyes checked and get anti-glare glasses if you need to. You may think you don’t need glasses, but if you are straining and having headaches, it’s worth a check. ”It’s so hard to look away. But you really should, at least occasionally. And remind yourself to blink.” Take breaks divert your eyes from the screen from time to time. The Atlantic has some fantastic advice and stats from the Vision Council: How to Keep Computer Screens from Destroying Your Eyes Afternoon Meditation, Yep It’ Good for Your Eyes Too! I like to take a short meditation break some time in the afternoon. I close my eyes and place one of those narrow rice packs over my forehead. I warm it in the microwave and it provides soothing relief to any eye strain and stress. You can buy some great eye pillows from Etsy or check Pinterest for the inspiration to make your own. Here’s a nice DYI from Fellow Fellow: DYI Heat Pack, thanks Claire! Optimize Your Screen Optimize your screen’s brightness. Play around with your screen’s brightness for the best setting. You can also try an app. I use one called F.lux. It adapts your computer’s lighting to the time of day, so you don’t get that harsh blue glow when working into the evening. It’s great and it’s free! Work in the best location My desk is by a bay window, which I love, but it’s harsh on hazy days. If you have this problem too, try an “L” shaped desk. Using an L-desk allows you to work from different angles, without moving your desk around, at different times of day to accommodate for light.
  3. 3. Don’t have an L desk? No problem. You can put two smaller desks together to form an “L” or just add a smaller table. I have a table that pulls out from under my desk creating a side table I can work from when needed. This gives me the ability to stay by the window, but turn a different direction away from the direct light. A great option for smaller spaces! Now that we have your eyes protected, on to the next possible issue… Stiff Neck and Shoulders I happen to be blessed with an excellent chiropractor/message therapist for this issue. She is a wonderful Latina and says I have “mucho stress” when she works on my neck and shoulders. She always straightens me out though. My dear Cecilia has been on vacation and I need her to come back desperately! If you have the opportunity to receive adjustments, I highly recommend it for this occupational hazard. But, there are also some great stretches you can do. Try this “Deskercise”- The Ultimate Deskercise Routine. With moves like “The Dead Robot Dance” and “The Sophomore Headshot,” it can be fun too! A Yoga or Pilates routine before bed is also beneficial to reduce stress and realign. If you happen to have a Chihuahua on your hip when you do yoga, all the better. Yu-mi Making My Routine Awkward One Pose At a Time Are you all stretched out? If not, go ahead and “deskercise,” I’ll wait…
  4. 4. Welcome back! On to the next probelm: Staying on track Sherlock’s right! You can’t just turn it on and off! When you work from home, there can be a lot of distractions. Some people find themselves at the refrigerator wanting to eat all the time. Others, like me, have the vice of cleaning. I’ll start picking up around the house and before you know it, I’m cleaning out the closet instead of writing. I have written a couple of posts on focusing when working from home, which I will re-share. But, a great tip I have used is get up and get dressed like you’re going to work. Sure, staying in your PJs is one of the benefits of working at home, but getting dressed puts me in a better state. I was on a morning mindset call with some colleagues recently, when one was talking about how she was sitting there dressed nice with her makeup on. She said she wasn’t planning to see anyone, just on the call with us, but that dressing made her feel good about the work she is doing. I always feel more productive when I look like I’m heading out! That doesn’t mean I don’t have “PJ Days,” but you have to treat your work like real work if you want others to take you seriously. For more on that one, cheek out my previous post: Is Writing a Real Job? Stick to a routine that works for you: A Writing Routine True to Your Type And, make use of technology to focus in: Tips for Focus Last, but certainly not least…. Feeling like part of the world Sometimes being an at home entrepreneur can be isolating. Getting out from time to time and connecting is so important. When you are in the blogging, social media, entrepreneurship realm, people often don’t get you and what you do. It’s important to connect with other like minded people. You can do this with online groups, but in person is even better. Grab coffee and chat about your work with someone who “gets it” every chance you have. This will help you stay connected to the world. Your work will benefit when you take time to go out, live, and expand yourself! Of course, I’ve got posts on that: The Desperation of Writing”Stuff” and Stretch Yourself ! There you have it my Entrepreneurial Peeps! It’s Your Turn- Have you run into any of these issues working at home or something else? How do you remedy them? Let us know in the comments below! If you enjoyed this post and found it helpful, please “like&share” An extra high five if you tag me, @lorihil, in a picture of you #deskercising :) We’ll chat soon,
  5. 5. XOXO Hil <3 P.S. If you need someone to connect with, hit me up with those social media buttons in the right sidebar. I would love to hear from you. If you’re considering revamping your home office, Visit: What’s Your Home Office Style