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"It’s a balancing act, being creative enough to engage your audience while keeping your message clear and the search engines happy."
Check out the full post for powerful questions to define your business and venture into the Creative Side...
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Know what rules to break and when...

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The Creative Side of Marketing | stub group

  1. 1. Smart Advertising for a Digital Age StubGro Home » The StubGroup Blog » Entry The Creative Side of Marketing Posted on Friday, May 30, 2014 | Share on: It’s a balancing act, being creative enough to engage your audience while keeping your message clear and the search engines happy. Focus solely on SEO, catering to search engines, and you may just defeat the purpose and gain zero readers. Yet, you can have highly entertaining content, but if it is not optimized it may never be found. Creativity is a skill, which fortunately means it can be learned. The key to creative marketing is actually in the numbers — analytics to be exact. You could be as witty and fun as Tina Fey or John Oliver, but if your content is not in line with your message, it’s going nowhere. This is where an advertising agency can come in and help you cater those creative brainstorms to your specific audience while providing effective SEO. By experimenting and testing, you can see what works and what does not. Creative Marketing Involves: Bringing that special sauce to your message Meeting the needs and desires of your audience Targeting and optimizing Being willing to make adjustments along the way Knowing what rules to break, and when, is an essential part of online business success. Your business has a story to tell, no doubt. The creative side comes into play by how you choose to tell it. Ask yourself and your team: “What makes our company stand out?” “What do we offer that is unique?” “How do we expand and continue to meet the needs of our customers?” Create a marketing plan around your message that showcases the creative and unique side of your business. Check your numbers and stats, adjust when needed, and you will build a loyal following for years to come. Share on: Categories: Creativity • Marketing ∞ Permalink Free AdWords Evaluation Request your FREE AdWords evaluation — a $150 value! 1 What is your website? 2 What is your budget? 3 How should we contact you? First Name Last Name Email Phone Get My Free Evaluation Now!Get My Free Evaluation Now! We Guarantee 100% Privacy Your information will not be shared. Have Questions? Call and speak with one of our AdWords specialists right now! 817.382.7475 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Central Time TOPICS Select your budget Who We Are Services Pricing Blog Contact Us
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