The Many Hats of a Blogger via Writer's Wednesday and Immensely Social


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A blogger wears many hats and Honey, it ain't easy!

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The Many Hats of a Blogger via Writer's Wednesday and Immensely Social

  1. 1. HOME 26 FEB 2014 ABOUT IS BUSINESS RESOURCES PERSONAL RESOURCES BOOKS WE LOVE CONTACT ME The Many Hats of a Blogger via Writer’s Wednesday Search Search YA KNOW YA WANNA FOLLOW! categories: Writer's Wednesdays The Hats a Blogger Wears… I read a fab post by another blogger recently (thanks Jennifer), talking about the stigma we still experience as bloggers. I do many things, but often tell people I’m a writer, rather than saying I’m a blogger, because, well people just don’t get it. Sure, blogging has grown exponentially over the last several years But, bloggers are still often thought to either be stay-at-home moms, coupon extremist (Thank You TLC, no offense if you’re a couponer), or a fashion blogger. Now, while I highly admire stay-at-home moms, respect the coupon, and enjoy the ins and outs of a. Hats tips in business, finance, photography, and lifestyle while inspiring, interacting, and rocking it out! b. My Habit And Honey It Ain’t Easy! c. Hat d. General Hat e. Mens Hat f. Chat fashion, I blog about none of those things. And, I’m not the only one. There are many bloggers sharing (Sorry, had to get my “Southern” on there.) Blogging is not an easy task with writing and editing, SEO, traffic generation, research, graphic creating, affiliate marketing, and the list goes on and on, and on, and on, and on…. Ok, ok you get the picture! We’re mad busy and while we have chosen this crazy path and the majority of us love it, the work never Chitika | Opt out?
  2. 2. ends! I guess what I’m saying is show some blogging brothers and sisters some respect, Yo! Here Are Just a Few of the Many Hats We Wear as Bloggers THANK YOU FOR THE RAVE REVIEWS! 1) Writer/Editor "Lorihil was awesome!!!" I have mentioned this one and it’s kind of a given. You can hire a freelancer to write the posts for you (I "Thank you so much! Huge fan of your write posts for clients all the time). But, most of us who truly love blogging, have no desire to give up work." the control on this one. My love for writing is kind of what got me deep into this in the first place. "Rock star writing!" If you’re content bytes, you’re not going anywhere so writing is a must! "Lorihil is great. She writes well, has a 2) Journalist great 'voice' and is easy to work with." Kind of in with the writer, but entails so much more. If you want that quality content, you’ve got to get "Lori writes from the heart and had me out there and find information. Statistics, quotes, research, studies and more. When I’m not working on looking into my life with a renewed freelance projects or blogging here at Immensely Social, I’m likely pursuing the web for more ideas, thankfulness and true gratitude." inspiration, and info. Adding resources to an ever growing list. On Fiverr: Did I mention it never ends! On Amazon: 3) Photographer With the viewers and online navigators wanting more and more visual content, this one is becoming more important. Stock photos are always a back up plan, but nothing beats sharing your own photos. With all the other stuff a blogger has going on, who has the time to learn photography skills? Well, CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO CHANNEL FOR TIPS & TUTORIALS! bloggers have to work on it unless of course you can afford to hire out. 4) Content Crushing Ninja This one goes along with the journalist aspect, but you can’t just leave it at the research. Between my own business ventures and working as a freelancer for my clients, I sift through massive amounts of information every single week. I take what seems like a seemingly un-coheasive mess and put it together into something someone out there would want to read. I’ve become a ninja at it if I do say so myself. Clients are happy at least, but it has been a process that has developed by doing it over and over again. 5) Cook, Artist, Traveler, etc. SEARCH POSTS Depending on your blogging niche, you likely have another hat too, the one that makes you a professional with what you share. I happen to be a content ninja, as mentioned, with a passion for personal development, mindset changes, and being social. Search Search You may be a makeup artist sharing your tips, a painter, a chef blogging your recipes, a travel blogger, etc. CATEGORIES The fact is you’re a Creative SuperStar and I just have to say Kudos to You! Mindful Monday Writer's Wednesdays Fanship Friday Lori's Unconventional Advice Social Media Management Be A Goal Setting Rock Star Cheers to Health & Wellness
  3. 3. Fabulous Friday The Month of Love RECENT POSTS The Many Hats of a Blogger via Writer’s Wednesday A Mogul Mindset via Mindful Monday Fabulous Friday: This Week’s Fab Content Those 5 rather large hats (I’m talking Texas sized) are just to get some content up on your page. Add in all the marketing, SEO, and traffic stuff mentioned earlier and you have a never ending job. (I know I’ve already mentioned the never ending part, but seriously!!!) Am I a guru juggling all these hats? Heck No! I’m sure you can find grammatical areas in my content, graphics that could have been better, and who knows what else! But it is a process people, a process. Give me a break will ya! I’m growing here…we all are. But, What About the Gurus… Blogs very rarely (like never), take off over night. And, I bet if you asked even the highly successful bloggers, from around the web, how they got there, you would see a story of immense determination. Bloggers are typically people who just jump in there, swim around for a while in the confusion, but don’t stop until they make things happen. That is in and of itself a reward. For the Love of the Game The truth is, despite it all, I love what I do and wouldn’t have it any other way. Rather than being overwhelmed with the learning curve, I have viewed it as a great adventure. So, the next time someone tells you they’re a blogger, rather than giving them that raised eyebrow, just say~ “You Rock!” and maybe even take a bow. Oh, and leave comments on the blogs you love, share their posts. Make sure they know their effort is valued. You just can’t imagine how much it means to us! To my fellow bloggers out there: You Do Totally Rock! You can check out Jennifer’s post here: 12 Misconceptions About Bloggers Much love and happy content searching, XOXO, Hil <3 Join our Blog Syndication Group on Facebook, so we can support each other! Blogging Success via some Pinterest love
  4. 4. P.S. if you are new to the freelancing or blogging game, don’t get discouraged and quit. That is why Immensely Social exists, to encourage, educate, and inspire you along the way. Hang in there, it’s worth it! You might like: Be A Goal Setting Rock Star: It Begins... Be A Goal Setting Rock Star: This Will Be... Mindful Monday: Track and Organize to Meet Your Goals Be A Goal Setting Rock Star: Allowing and Integrity Recommended by 1 blogger, Blogging, blogging business, freelancing, how to blog, photography, what is a blogger, writing 0 comment « A Mogul Mindset via Mindful Monday 0 Comments Immensely Social Lori Hil Sort by Best Share Favorite Start the discussion… NetworkedBlogs Blog: Immensely Social Topics: Social Media, Work From Home, Working Online, Freelancing, Blogging, Writing Be the first to comment. Follow my blog WHAT'S THIS? ALSO ON IMMENSELY SOCIAL A Fabulous 2014 to YOU! Create Opportunities Through Action 2 comments • 2 months ago 2 comments • a year ago Lori Hil — Sure Jenni! Thank you for Lori Hil — You are so right Jessica, it is creating them. I have found them useful and love to pass on content I enjoy. If … challenging but powerful. It takes some of the pressure off the need to have … Subscribe Add Disqus to your site Powered by Dailymotion © Copyright Immensely Social 2014. Powered by WordPress.