Mindful monday: resolutions vs intentions the battle begins


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Why I say STOP with the New Year's Resolutions!

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Mindful monday: resolutions vs intentions the battle begins

  1. 1. IMMENSELY SOCIAL Resources for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Enthusiasts, and Lovers of Life, Art, & Fun HOME ABOUT IS BUSINESS RESOURCES PERSONAL RESOURCES BOOKS WE LOVE CONTACT ME Search Mindful Monday: Resolutions vs Intentions- The Battle Begins 18 DEC 2013 2 categories: Mindful Monday Resolutions or Intentions? A week befor e t he holidays and t hen c omes t he Gr eat B ig New Year ! ! ! How ya feeling? Haven’t thought about it? Do so now, I’ll wait…. (Jeopardy music inserted here) Is it bringing you hope and excitement or are you feeling a bit unsure and overwhelmed? “I made no resolutions for the New Year. The habit of making plans, of criticizing, sanctioning and molding my life, is too much of a Search LET’S CONNECT daily event for me.” Like that quote from Anais Nin, molding of life happens as a daily habit not one event a year! I’m all for goal setting as you know if you have been a reader of mine for a while, but I’m against resolutions. That ’ s r ight , I said it ! I’m against resolutions and here’s why: SEARCH POSTS
  2. 2. Search Search RECENT POSTS Mindful Monday: Resolutions vs Intentions- The Battle Begins Fanship Friday: Are You Communicating or Just Talking? Writer’s Wednesday: Author Giveaways ► Resolutions vs Intentions for the New Year lorihil 02:52 Resolutions lorihil 02:52 CATEGORIES vs Intentions for the New Year Mindful Monday First of all that word just feels heavy on my soul. Can’t you just feel all the painstaking work and adjustment to come when you say it?!!! Writer's Wednesdays Fanship Friday Secondly, the focus is just all wrong. It’s like, here is this thing I hate about myself and my life and I have to force myself to fix it. It focuses on what you don’t want, which let me tell you, WILL NOT get you what you DO want! Lori's Unconventional Advice Social Media Management And third is, they just don’t last long. Maybe of few of you out there made some resolutions last year that you have kept to this day. If so, kudos to you and your determination! But for most, the resolutions of New Years past, have been long forgotten. So, if I’m against resolutions, for these very fine reasons if I do say so myself, then what would I suggest as an alternative? Subscribe For More Awesomeness! Email Address Subscribe I’m so glad you asked, because I’m going to tell you. Int ent ions! What’s the difference? Let’s have a look shall we…. RECENT PINS According to that trusty online Merriam-Webster, there are some seemingly subtle, yet massively important differences between resolutions and intentions. A r esolut ion: The act of finding an answer or solution to a conflict, problem, etc. The act of “Resolving” something. The problem with that, as stated earlier, is the focus. The focus is on the problem, not the solution. You must try and overtake it by sheer force of will. More Pins B ut , an Int ent ion: The thing that you plan to do or achieve, an aim or purpose. Wow, even the definition just feels better! With an intention the focus is actually on your goal or purpose. Do you see the difference? I hope so! Wit h an int ent ion you ar e inspir ed by your dr eam, not pushed by your fear ! It’s the difference between: “I’ve got to lose 60 pounds this year!” or
  3. 3. “I intend to live my healthiest, most joyful, vibrant year yet!” The difference between: “I have to make $1200 dollars this month to cover the bills” Or “I intend to feel the peace of knowing my family is safe & cared for.” I think I’ve made my point, stepping down from the soapbox now… May your year be filled with love, laughter, and more prosperity than you ever dreamed possible! XOXO, Hil <3 You might like: Be Gracious Social Media Makes a Splash: Social Media Intrigue Tuesday Breathtaking Moments Writer’s Wednesday: The Random Things That Concern Me Recommended by ABUNDANCE WORKSHOP goal setting, intentions, New Year, New Year Resolutions, New Year's Resolutions, resolutions 0 comment « Fanship Friday: Are You Communicating or Just Talking? Leave a Reply Name* Email* Website Comment ABUNDANCE QUIZ, GIVE IT A TRY! Comment Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. NetworkedBlogs Blog: Immensely Social Topics: Social Media, Blogging, Writing Follow my blog
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