Mindful monday: releasing 2013


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Have your own ceremony! Let go of 2013 and embrace 2014 now! http://immenselysocial.com/mindful-monday-releasing-2013/
#NewYear #Goals #Intentions #Cleansing

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Mindful monday: releasing 2013

  1. 1. IMMENSELY SOCIAL Resources for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Enthusiasts, and Lovers of Life, Art, & Fun HOME 23 DEC 2013 ABOUT IS BUSINESS RESOURCES PERSONAL RESOURCES BOOKS WE LOVE CONTACT ME Search Mindful Monday: Releasing 2013 4 categories: Mindful Monday Hello you gor geous (or handsome, for my guys out t her e) t hing YO U! Welcome back to Mindful Monday The New Year is Coming rapidly! This year I tried out something new I want to share with you… A Releasing 2013 Ceremony It’s not as huge and intimidating as it sounds. Really, it’s just a way to evaluate and let go of this past year as you embrace the fabulous one that’s coming. Search LET’S CONNECT I’ll show you how I went about it, but first you have some cleaning/clearing to do. Fir st Things Fir st Before you have your closing ceremony of evaluation, I recommend you do some “housekeeping.” By that, I mean clear physical and emotional space. Clean, dust, rearrange furniture, open windows and let in fresh air. Throw away anything that is broke or contains bad memories. Be sure your space is fresh and nurturing as you start on your new journey. Once that is done, set aside a time where you will not be disturbed. Let family and friends know what you will be doing if necessary, so you can disconnect. Then begin…. Closing and Releasing 2013 SEARCH POSTS
  2. 2. Search Search RECENT POSTS Mindful Monday: Releasing 2013 Fanship Friday: 3 Ways You’re Boring Me on Facebook Writer’s Wednesday: Stretch Yourself Writers ► 2013 Closing Ceremony lorihil 04:43 2013 lorihil 04:43 CATEGORIES Closing Ceremony Mindful Monday Leonie Dawson’s Life & Biz Workbooks as featured in Huffington Post Here! Writer's Wednesdays Fanship Friday Set aside time just for you. Lori's Unconventional Advice Get comfortable. Social Media Management Pamper yourself until you’re in a good place. Make it a nurturing experience. Once your ceremony is complete, let me know how it went by sharing in the comments! Did you have any “Ah ha” moments? Are you feeling more settled, thankful, and peaceful about your year? I hope you will try it out! Subscribe For More Awesomeness! Email Address I wish you t he most fant ast ic , fabulous, and fun year of your life! Subscribe Much love, XOXO Hil <3 RECENT PINS In case you missed how I feel about Resolutions, check this out: Resolutions vs Intentions You might like: Breathtaking Moments Be Gracious Mindful Monday: Thanksgiving Appreciation Fest! A Season on Gratitude and Reflection Part 2 More Pins Recommended by 2013, 2014, celebration, cleaning, clearing, emotional clearing, goals, intentions, New Year, peace, resolutions 0 comment « Fanship Friday: 3 Ways You’re Boring Me on Facebook
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