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Take a trip into the outdoors from a woman's perspective and let's give the outdoors some FLARE! Feel free to join in on all the shenanigans and experiences of a women in the outdoors. - Huntress in Heels

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Huntress in Heels by amanda litton — dyer outdoor l.l.c.

  1. 1. WELCOME GEAR SHOP DYERTIMES VIDEOS PRIMITIVE CLASSES HUNTRESS IN HEELS ABOUT A learned company of awesomeness, plus we sell knives. Know Thine Enemy! Knowledge is power... Francis Bacon "What the heck is that turkey doing with his feathers all pushed up like that? Is he doing a dance??" More vividly, I was about 40 yards away from a "strutting" turkey as we were scouting on a beautiful Saturday morning, up where I would later rename Suicide Hill. (My boyfriend takes great pride in marching me up and down that hill in my new Muck Boots.) Girls, 40 yards away is like.... Hmmm. The distance you walk in those pumps, yeah, the moment that first thought goes through your mind when you think "these were a really bad idea today". That's 40 yards. As a lady, and a novice hunter, I am not used to describing things in distance as "man-hunters" do. I'll make the comparison for women's sakes of things we can more understand. So back to these turkeys... Strutting male turkey with beard
  2. 2. Posted on April 9, 2014 by Amanda Litton and filed under Huntress in Heels and tagged #amanda litton #huntress in heels #dyertimes.  0 Likes Comment Source Nationally, there are state regulated hunting seasons for any type of game you can imagine. West Virginia has two turkey seasons: Spring Season and Fall Season. Spring season is more popular, according to me, because man turkeys become distracted by girl turkeys and they are easier to kill. Having said this, turkeys are still NOT easy to kill. I know this because I went out every dawn scouting (we would be set up before dawn) and once the season set in, I saw one turkey!!!! WV permits you to kill two bearded turkeys in the Spring and only one of those per day. These get checked in, and then reported to the DNR (Division of Natural Resources). Here's the tricky part. Bearded turkeys are males, right? Not always. Sometimes female turkeys can have a beard. It's very important in SPRING season you kill the bearded turkeys. Interestingly enough, there are two types of male turkeys. Jakes, which are immature males, and then Toms, which are mature male turkeys. Essentially, Jakes are the sloppy pre-pubescent males and Toms are the mature middle-aged men that have those "life experiences". This characteristic is very important because turkeys mate in the spring. This goes back to Jakes being dumb and distracted by the female turkeys (hens/Jenny's, all the same thing) more so than the Toms being distracted. Please also note: ALL TURKEYS HAVE EXCELLENT EYE SIGHT. This will be very important when we talk about gear, setting up, calling in turkeys while hiding, etc. In the Spring season, males come off the "roost" (or up in a tree, where they sleep) to "strut"... The Alpha Male wants to get the girl. Like the quarterback wants to get the head cheerleader. So the Alpha male will do a little love dance hunters refer to as "the strut". Typically, you won't see more than one male at a time, unless they are fighting over a flock of females to become the alpha. Why girls? Because, all the cheerleaders want the quarterback, not just the head cheerleader. After the male "gets together" with the female, they mate and produce baby turkeys. This will become important later for Fall season, which is even MORE difficult. This was the most down and dirty version of Spring Season turkey hunting I could give without diluting all the real facts you would need. This is the most "basic" version and for obvious reasons, real man-hunters hone their preferred hunting choice and get really, really good at it. --My most memorable experience was sitting in awe of nature watching this male turkey strut his stuff for the first time. Have you had that striking moment you remember when you were turkey hunting?? Leave me a comment and tell me about it! xoxo--Strutting Huntress in Heels Share
  3. 3. Who is the Huntress in Heels? Let's get to know one another... ".....EEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! I have to put my finger in the fish's mouth and pull out the hook??!" One of my most memorable comments to my boyfriend, as I went fishing for the first time, at Stonewall Jackson Lake and Resort last April 2013. How did I ever get into this mess? We were actually out "putting turkeys to roost" as we were having an evening fish. My first evening fish. Hi, my name is Amanda Litton, and I am the Huntress in Heels. Born and raised in West Virginia, it isn't a fluke that I know a little bit about a lot of things outdoors. My friends thought I was going crazy as I would come to work (I'm an intensive care registered nurse in Charleston, WV) and tell the most horrifying stories any girl would cringe at. But wait, let's back track a little bit here. I met a fella native to Pennsylvania but living in Montgomery, WV. He attended WVU Institute of Technology and graduated with his Mechanical Engineering degree, avid expert hunter. We met last year and that's when my whole world changed... For the adventurous. The thing he stressed most was he wanted someone who would share in his life, and not just be another girl on the sideline while he was out enjoying all of the mighty outdoors. This brings us back full circle to the present day. My intention here is to fulfill an urge, a yearning, a comedy of errors--- A female perspective into what life is like in the outdoors. This blog will be an outlet for story-telling, for education, for welcomed advice and knowledge, for opinion, and mostly to let all of my female counterparts know being in the outdoors is not as bad as it seems! I'm going to lead you through different hunting seasons, fishing, camping, shooting guns, archery, and everything in between. Disclaimer: I have a knack for making things funny. I love to break things down. I am a visual person, so there will probably be the occasional picture... Okay, probably more than occasional. I welcome any and all feedback and hope you all will share in my adventures! xoxo-Hopeful Huntress in Heels My first fish, Stonewall Jackson Lake and Resort-April 2013
  4. 4. Posted on April 2, 2014 by Amanda Litton and filed under Huntress in Heels and tagged #huntress in heels #amanda litton.  17 Likes 2 Comments Smile, someone is flipping you off... Posted on November 6, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  3 Likes Comment Fighting the darkness Share Day 13 – Afternoon Great news, I am feeling much better today and it has made this sit spot a great one. Not to mention it’s a perfect day, though I think all days are prefect in there own way. I had the great privilege of wishing a smooth flight to several flocks of Geese, headed to more sonny and warm areas of the world. It has been an important sit spot for two reasons, one to help get over this cold and two, to dispel a lot of negative energy I picked up on the way to my spot. I was nearly run off the road by a tanker truck. Once I was able to gain control of my car and get it back on the road and ahead of the dangerous truck, the driver chased me down to flip me off. Now, I would happily take credit for stupid road escapades but I drive a mini cooper… I don’t go head to head with tanker trucks… So, I am talking all his negativity and giving it up for him. I hope the man driving that truck finds peace. I know each time I sit here with the forest around me I am centered, whole and happy. We only have a set amount of time. Don’t waist it being angry or with hate. It will shorten your life. Now if you will excuse me I have some more sitting to do… When have you been angry and later thought, “that was dumb” Comment below! Share Day 11 – Afternoon Today like yesterday have been rough on the sit spot, as in a pain in the butt. (get it?) It’s official I am not
  5. 5. Posted on November 4, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  0 Likes Comment Only because you Believe... Posted on November 4, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  0 Likes Comment Business as usual feeling well. This weight on my body has made it very difficult to enjoy my sit spot. I am dedicated to the cause and will not fail in my conviction. Don’t lose hope… there will be awesome blogs again soon. Currently I am just thankful to have made it into the woods. I am certain a limerick will make me feel better… and go… Share Day 10 – Afternoon Today I found a spot at a local state forest. It was not easy due to the fact my head was pounding. This isn’t really a new thing; I normally get two crippling migraines a month. It took all my focus to make it out today. My eyes become very light sensitive. So, setting in the warm sun was a double-edged sword. I had hoped the peace of the forest would quell the storm behind my eyes but no such luck. It was a short sit spot but I made it… Oh, this migraine, my eyes are watering from the glow of the screen. I must find some pain, sleeping, migraine medication and crawl into a bed in a very dark room… until tomorrow… Share Day 9 – Afternoon Today was another shared sit spot. A few weeks prior to deer season my family makes our yearly trip to a property we lovingly call the farm. Strangely enough, I can’t ever remember growing anything there. Well, maybe hay. My sit spot was spent near my deer blind with a very good and old friend, Mike. It was time well spent catching up, but we were interrupted by a large, six point buck that didn’t seem to mind sharing his space with us. If that wasn’t odd enough we also had a garter snake visit us. It has been years since I have seen one on our property. Not to mention well into fall.
  6. 6. Posted on November 2, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  0 Likes Comment Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees, especially if you are blindfolded… The forest must have picked up on our good mood for so many critters to take part in our sit spot. May all sit spots be as uplifting as this one. What is one thing that happened to you today that also made you grateful or lifted you up today? Comment below. Share Day 8 – Late Afternoon It was an amazing day, warm and bright. It is surely one of last great days before winter sets in. For my sit spot today I decided to remove one of my senses. This was an exercise I learned last summer. It’s typically done in pairs but not necessary. I walked up to the wood line and donned a blindfold. I could understand why this would scary many people, one by the thought of getting hurt and the other by getting lost. I however have learned two facts. One, even with once sense gone, if you trust your body, take your time and feel the world around you, you will be fine. Second, a good friend of mine this past summer taught me that sometimes it’s ok to be lost. Onward I trod into the woods, letting my mind see the world around me. Every step became more confident and steady as the wind would help me hear where the trees were and like the fox, I tested the ground before I committed to each step. After several minutes without incident, I met a tree. Not in the way you might imagine but more of a hand shake. I am sure you have all used the word “tree hugger” well, when meeting a tree that is actually the proper greeting. I then made it my goal of my sit spot to identify the type of tree it was. Like any good forest investigator I methodically began my interrogation… 1. Determine the branching pattern Opposite, alternate or whorled — Opposite! 2. Size – The trunk is 15 inches or so. The bark had long broken striations with long irregular plates lifting on the edge but smooth in the middle. 3. Shook the tree… ah fall… they all start to sound the same. 4. Leafs — I couldn’t find any on the tree but by feeling the ground (given it’s fall) I found several types but unsure as to if they came from my tree or the ones just a few feet away. The majority of the leaves I did find were about half the length of my hand (4 or 5 inches) it also had three large points and two smaller at the base of the leaf. The edges of the leave had lobed spaced teeth. It
  7. 7. Posted on November 1, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  0 Likes Comment Oh Deer! also had a long stalk on it. Given that was the majority and what I already knew about the tree, a picture was forming in my mind. 5. I also found what might be a clue, I found seed pods all around, two lobes joined in the middle with little wings out from them… I was happy to meet this tree. Satisfied I knew her name I turned, sat and leaned against her to enjoy the remainder of my sit spot. I let my mind wonder into the forest, letting the sounds, smells and wind carry my mind into the deep reaches of the space I occupied. I am never sure how much time passes in these moments. Sometimes I think I could lift the blindfold and be an old man or find the forest grown up around me. Either way I stood and doffed my blindfold. Upon seeing my friend with my eyes, confirmed her name, I gave her a nod and gathered my bearing. I will have to say moving though the forest with a blindfold on makes you very easy to track. My trail back to my car nearly glowed. It was a quick trip out with all my senses in good working order. Every time I walk in, it gets harder to walk out. Like a weird forest mob. All in all a very pleasant sit spot. Can you name the tree with out seeing it? In the comments below tell me the common name of my new friend… Share Day 7 – Afternoon An all hallows eve sit spot, and yes the theme has dominated my experience today. Unlike many horror movies I prefer to be in the woods around this holiday. I am sure I will upset a lot of people, but I am going to say it… I hate Halloween. Yes, now it’s out. I don’t want to sound dramatic but since I returned home from Iraq, the idea of people in masks jumping out, trying to scare me is not healthy for anyone involved. That is a fact. I am generally paranoid enough without having to deal with all the typical Halloween hoopla. I am not sure why we even celebrate such things. This is a much needed sit spot. The deer are currently in rut. A few does just ran by and it wasn’t because of me… I am going to put my pad down, see if a buck is close behind and enjoy my sit spot. So, what are your thoughts on Halloween? Good/Bad? Comment below.
  8. 8. Posted on October 31, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  1 Like Comment Wait, What is a Sit Spot? Posted on October 31, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  0 Likes Comment What Does the Fox Say? Share Day 6 – After Dark I got a late start on my sit spot, but am excited to say I have had several friends ask if I had done my sit spot today. So, thank you for the interest and motivation! Tonight I found my way out into the woods out from my work. I did so by letting my eyes adjust to the moonlight. With the city so close it’s very bright. It has also rained most of the day, so the forest is more quiet than usual. Wet leaves are always best for stalking but it works both ways. Alone it the dark, something that might have been unnerving a few years ago, now has an odd familiarity of home. With sounds of crickets and the wind to keep me company I turned inward to my thoughts. I have had many people ask me about what a “sit spot” is; somehow, I found this difficult to answer. I tried to say it’s an opportunity to connect with nature and yourself. However, I only really discovered sit spots last summer. From my experience they seem to be a little different for everyone. Some go looking to see something, to feel something? Ha, I never really know what to expect when I walk out and sit. At day 6, I am impressed at how much happier I have been with these moments in the woods. I think it’s just taking a little bit of time away from screens and people. For myself I know I don’t take the time each day to decompress or check in with myself. That’s how I define a sit spot. I challenge you to go out and try one for yourself. Then take time to comment below! Share
  9. 9. Posted on October 29, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  0 Likes 1 Comment Falling Down to Find the Clouds Day 5 – Early Afternoon I managed to make it into the woods for a proper sit spot today. The woods were very quiet and unusually warm. Once they settled back in a small group of sparrows found a puddle and were having the best time taking a bath and throwing water everywhere. They played nearly the entire time I was at my sit spot. It was impossible to focus on anything else so I sat and watched them. It was really nice to watch them so carefree. We should pay more attention to what the animals have to teach us. I didn’t know to look myself until recently. The owl teaches us to see The deer teaches us to hear The fox teaches us to walk The coyote teaches us patience Today the sparrows taught me to laugh What have you learned from an animal? Comment below. Share Day 4 - Morning This morning I had an unplanned sit spot. For most of the summer I have been painting a huge, three-story house that belongs to a family friend. The process painting the eves has been no simple task. In most cases I would toss the rope ahead of me and jump! As you might imagine this is not a good idea for many reasons… so after rib caging a chimney I settled, rather abruptly, down on a ridgeline to catch my breath. I looked out and realized the perfect sit spot had found me. Well to be more accurate punched me in the chest. That really just goes back to yesterday’s blog about the hard steps. You would think I would learn this lesson. Since the busy world lay below me I turned my eyes to the sky. The heavens were in good order with big fluffy clouds blowing about and the occasional bird flittering from once place to another. It made me think
  10. 10. Posted on October 29, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  0 Likes Comment On to the New of all the things I know about clouds. What they are made up of, the many different types with all their meanings, colors, shapes, sizes and oh… and that one looks like a pony. Wow, I thought. It has been years since I have looked up and abstractly considered the clouds are more than just water vapor. Before I knew it there was a ballet of dinosaurs, fleets of battleships and a peanut butter sandwich, an abundance of amusement. I had forgotten so many great memories as a child looking up at the sky. It seems the older we get the less we look up. The majority of the time people who pass you on the street don’t even look up far enough up to meet your eyes. I realized in my forced sit spot, ha that looks like a hot dog. I don’t think it’s possible to look up and not smile. Tomorrow I plan to look up more throughout my day and test my theory. So, when was the last time you looked up? Think about it and comment. Share Day 3 – Late Morning Today I shared my sit spot with one of my former soldiers. Bruce Vealey, much like myself he has changed a lot since the army, he more on the outside, me more on the inside. We sat near an over look on the New River. It was a beautiful day, one of those big picture days, where you just can’t take enough detail in. Regardless, we were waiting as much as we were sitting, waiting for two men and a canoe to float by. Which was the primary topic of our sit spot. These gentlemen just sat their lives aside and decided to take on adventure at it’s finest. They are attempting to paddle their little boat from Appalachia to Atchafalaya, near the Gulf of Mexico. Armed with very few modern comforts, they paddle for themselves but also to raise awareness for local watersheds. To consider the rich history that was born from the rivers. In so many ways I am jealous of their journey, water by day, fire by night and the wind to keep you company in between. Yet, as I set next to my former soldier I realize how different each of our paths are, but they are ours, tailor made for us, every single step. Mine has not been easy, mostly angry, though it has lead my to this beautiful spot. I couldn’t imagine a better direction than this one next to my former soldier, friend now brother. I am most grateful for the hardest steps because for my life they have lead me here.
  11. 11. Posted on October 28, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  1 Like Comment When I fall Where have your feet led you? Where do you hope they go from here? Comments welcome… Share Day 2 – Afternoon Fresh from my little cousin’s 4th birthday party, I find a great little spot just out of eyeshot of the road. It’s cool, with a solid crisp to the air. It’s a fact that fall has fully set in, and I love fall and winter, but the transitions are always hard. There are signs all around me that summer is fading. The beautiful bright leaves are a huge give away but it’s the subtleties that I find most interesting. The brown creeping up the once vibrant cattails now beginning to go to seed. The forest is a flurry with critter and creature, which might have been lazily enjoying summer now in full-scale winter preparation. To the on looker it may look like survival, but in truth a way of life. This is an idea that I made mine this past summer, the idea of surviving in the woods. I am grateful for perspective and new understanding. This time of year no more than 100 years ago, we too would be like the animals, putting food up as fast as we could to make it through the winter. Even if we go back 1,000 years humans didn’t survive in the woods, we lived there. Seated in nature and connected to the land. Skills that were once a reflex now have to be unlocked and learned. I feel deep down we all hear the forests calling to us. I have lived a third of my life and have finally started listening. So I sit, bare feet nestled in the dirt, eyes closed, singing along... When I rise let me rise like a bird, gracefully When I fall let me fall
  12. 12. Posted on October 26, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  1 Like Comment The Angry Red Squirrel like a leaf, gracefully without regret Share Day 1 – Afternoon Today I found a great little sit spot. It was just out of site of the city and just over the hill from a little pond. When I moved into the space I deeply offended a large red squirrel, who was not shy in in sharing his disdain for my intrusion. I immediately thought how busy he must have been burring his winter food supply. It drew my mind to an article I had once read on the importance of squirrels. Mother nature’s little tree planters, how they often forget where they buried their nuts and really just planted a tree. I wonder if the squirrel does that on propose so his great grand squirrel kids have a home and a food source. Maybe when he is not so busy I will ask him. That takes me back to when I was little. My Dad worked as a safety director for one of the mines here. One day he was out and a logging crew downed a tree, which happed to be the home, well former home, of three baby gray squirrels. Knowing the mother would never find them again with the tree down, my father took one of the newborn squirrels home. Two other men did the same. The little squirrel, who later took the name of Princess, didn’t even have her eyes open yet. After a few shaky weeks, and a steady diet of half and half coffee creamer, she was up and exploring our house. Princess loved climbing the drapes and had an unhealthy taste for power cables. We replaced a lot of appliances the year her majesty graced the Dyer household. About the same time my sister was due to be born, mom said her royal squirrel highness had to go. We thought about what might be the best fit for a squirrel of her caliber and decided the State Capital Complex was the place. There are several habitats set up and a few state laws about not harming the squirrels that live on the grounds. So, we had a grand ceremony, that involved goodbye M&M’s, and she was free. For many months after we would go back to visit her. We could always tell who she was because her coat was so shinny. Also, my Dad had this trick where he would slap his knee and Princess would sprint to him, run up his pants leg and do a lap around his shoulders before she would run down his arm into his hands. Now, as cool as that is, imagine me, a little larger with a much bushier beard doing that. This is Grizzly Adam’s level awesomeness.
  13. 13. Posted on October 25, 2013 by David Dyer and filed under The Sit Spot Challenge.  2 Likes Comment So, on one of our visits, we came across a father and son trying to feed a small group of squirrels that weren’t interested in what they had to offer. You know how fickle squirrels can be. We struck up a conversation and found they were from out of town and had never really seen squirrels. My father in the smoothest possible way said, “Well let me get one for you!” He, seeing princess and her shinny coat a few trees away, pointed at her and said “how about that one?” The father/son duo shrugged as my Dad slapped his knee… Princess erupted out of the branches and ecstatically bounded across the capital lawn, at 110% squirrel speed, darted up my Dad’s pants leg, across his shoulders and down into the palm of his hand, just inches from the young boys nose… who, promptly dropped the bag of peanuts he was holding in total amazement. Mouths gaping, the father and son team delighted in the up close interaction with an animal they had never really seen before. Soon Princess was distracted and was off again, you know squirrels… Neither Dad nor I, mentioned that she was our pet once, so, this father and son went back to New Jersey, with a great story about crazy, bearded, West Virginian’s and their unbelievable ability to talk to squirrels. I like to think that they still tell that story; I like to think they still laugh and think of their first encounter with nature. So, do you have a squirrel story? Squirrel fact? Or even a nutty joke? (sorry) Add it to my comments! Share About Us Our Company Contact Support Returns Shipping FAQ Connect Blog Twitter Facebook Pinterest Sign up for the latest news and special offers Submit Email Address Powered by Squarespace. Copyright Dyer Outdoor L.L.C..