How to Get What You Want From Anyone


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[How To Get What You Want From Anyone] If you give others what they want, you will always get what you want!

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How to Get What You Want From Anyone

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  2. 2. Posted by Michael Lyons ( on January 17, 2014 0 Comments Let me ask you a question, Have you every tried to get something from someone but during the whole conversation all you did was talk about what you want and why you wanted it? I am pretty sure you have at some point, I have done it a few times myself. I can almost be sure as to what happened... It didn't work out so well did it? Do you know why? I just figured it out so I decided to share it with others. You see, people most of the time do not care about what you want or why you want it. They only care about what they want and how they can get it. This is one of the golden rules when dealing with others. I can almost be certain that next time you go to someone about what you desire them to give you, if you explain to them what they want and how they can get it by giving you what you desire. 9 times out of 10 you will end up getting whatever it was that you wanted. There is a saying that is very true... "Give Others What They Want, and You Will Always Get What you Want" This applies to anything you do in dealings with people. This is what most people in the selling profession forget also which is why most do not become successful in selling things. They fail to realize that people do not like to be sold.
  3. 3. They always try to sell to people by telling them things that they (the seller) wants. People are always looking for solutions to their problems and they would pay money to get them. So for example if the seller would start giving people what they want (solutions to their problems) and tell them how they can get it, then they wouldnt have to sell anything because the buyer would already want the solution without the seller ever asking them to buy!!! So you see, it isn't always about what you want when trying to attain something. Say for instance you went out to fish because you wanted something to eat for the night. You won't catch anything giving the fish something they don't want to eat right? So until you give that fish what they want you won't be getting what you want. It's that simple!! If this process works with fish why not use it when dealing with people? It works the same way! Next time you want something remember this. "Give Others What They Want, and You Will Always Get What you Want"
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