Fanship friday: 3 ways you're boring me on facebook


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That awkward moment when no one “likes” your Facebook status.

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Fanship friday: 3 ways you're boring me on facebook

  1. 1. IMMENSELY SOCIAL Resources for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Enthusiasts, and Lovers of Life, Art, & Fun HOME 20 DEC 2013 ABOUT IS BUSINESS RESOURCES PERSONAL RESOURCES BOOKS WE LOVE CONTACT ME Search Fanship Friday: 3 Ways You’re Boring Me on Facebook 0 categories: Fanship Friday That awkward moment when no one “likes” your Facebook status. You’re Boring Me! Facebook, I Mean Seriously! Hey, it’s your wall and you have a right to share what you want. I feel absolutely positive that not everyone is interested in my status updates. They are not all mind blowing information. It’s ok, it’s my wall. But there are some things that can truly bore people out of their minds after a while and may be costing you followers. So check out my list and tell me what you think in the comments. Here are 3 ways to bore me and everyone else to tears with your Fac ebook posts…. Search LET’S CONNECT Some Facebook Don’ts 1) Tell Me What You Ar e Having for Dinner on a Daily B asis I enjoy food as much as the next person and I can forgive the occasional food post. I’ve even been known to participate in one of these infamous dinner posts when smells in my kitchen were just too enticing. But, seriously, I don’t need to know what you are eating every night nor for every meal. Just saying! 2) Post a Thousand Pic t ur es of Your Cat , B aby, Guinea Pig, Et c … I get it your kid, cat, niece Lyla are all adorable. We see them sleeping, eating, bathing, inside, outside, and from every side. I adore children, I adore pets, but after awhile it just gets to be far too much! Sharing your life and things you love can be great. Just pick the best shots and tone it down a little, will ya! 3) Tr eat Your Wall Like Your Diar y It’s sad that I even have to go there, but some things are just not meant to be publicly shared. If you are having a problem with someone, please go and tell them. This, not so subtle, FB calling out is good for no one. Publicly over sharing your inner thoughts and feelings can not only hurt your reputation, but can cause serious friction in your relationships. Sometimes you want to request support and let people know what you are going through. That is just fine, I sympathize. Just work not to be that dramatic, constant downer. You know who you are! SEARCH POSTS
  2. 2. And, for a bonus, Here’s Mashable’s List of Search Search Everything You Wish You Could Say to Your Facebook Friends Also a great reminder not to booze and Facebook at the same time. Just not a good combo… RECENT POSTS Fanship Friday: 3 Ways You’re Boring Me on Facebook Writer’s Wednesday: Stretch Yourself Writers Mindful Monday: Resolutions vs Intentions- The Battle Begins CATEGORIES Mindful Monday Writer's Wednesdays Fanship Friday Lori's Unconventional Advice Social Media Management For some ideas on what you should be posting, according to Social Media Examiner, check out: Facebook Engagement What posts do you find most obnoxious and what kind of posts do you like reading the most? Let our community know and don’t forget to “like & share” this post! Subscribe For More Awesomeness! Email Address Much love and happy Facebooking, Subscribe XOXO Hil <3 Social Media Board: RECENT PINS You might like: Mindful Monday: Thanksgiving Appreciation Fest! Mindful Monday: Your Body Language and You A Season on Gratitude and Reflection Part 2 Be Gracious Recommended by Facebook, maskable, Social Media, status updates « Writer’s Wednesday: Stretch Yourself Writers 0 comment More Pins
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