Child molestations, belly buttons, golliwogs and monkey bars - stella ralfini


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Who else is now in total confusion about whats PC and what's not?

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Child molestations, belly buttons, golliwogs and monkey bars - stella ralfini

  1. 1. Paul Oneal June 30, 2014 Life/relationship problems, Three Faces of Sex. 2 Comments Child molestations, belly buttons, golliwogs and monkey- bars Subscribers Followers 400 Fans Search The Site ... July 19, 2014 July 7, 2014 TESTIMONIAL RECENT POSTS Has anyone found long- lasting love on Tinder or Grinder? What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone… MONDAY 21ST JULY 2014, 06:32:23 PM HOME ABOUT BUY BOOKS ONLINE FREE DOWNLOAD WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS SEX AS THE NEW RELIGION THREE FACES OF SEX LIGHT AND SOUND MEDITATIONS CONTACT US “Many teachers have passed through my life but never one like you Stella. You are so genuine, honest and loving, it brings tears of gratitude to my eyes whenever I think of you.” Dorothy K
  2. 2. As the list of suspected celebrity child molesters grows, we’ve been thrown into such confusion as to whether and ‘who dun it,’ our minds have become scrabbled messes. I mean – since when did a little girl showing off her belly button warrant being struck off Instagram for not being PC? Come on – it’s pathetic isn’t it! I wanted to use a picture of a little girl sitting on her potty as part of a marketing campaign for one of my books…the idea behind it was that she’s so engrossed reading about the adventures of Omzak (a cat from space), she just has to keep reading whatever she’s doing. My marketing girl had a fit. ‘You can’t show a child sitting on a potty. People will throw you to the wolves!’ I followed her advice but I’m fed up to my teeth. I have to write under two names and have two websites because parents might take offence that I write lovemaking manuals as well as writing for children. Well, OK, I can understand that parents might not want their young ones learning about sex until they are of suitable age – but at least in my hands they’d be safe – and what is a suitable age –And how come most molested children don’t report the fact to one of their parents? When I was 8, my uncle Harry tried to poke his fingers in my knickers when he was giving me a piggy back. As soon as I could I told my Mum. We made sure uncle Harry had no close contact with me after that, and when many years later, my Mum took my daughter (aged 6) to visit aunt Annie and uncle Harry, I gave my daughter an in depth talk about the birds, bees, men to avoid and why. Good communication is surely the key to decrease the number of child molestations? And all I can say about mothers who protect sick minded fathers is that both should be thrown in jail. A child growing up with such parents is better off elsewhere. But forget the confusion surrounding the above, I’m still trying to fathom why I can’t say ‘fat’ when writing for children. My publisher said ‘It’s not PC. Describe fat in another way.’ I don’t get it. If I can say, stick-thin, pig nosed or bum like a rhinoceros why can’t I say… Oh forget that too – I’m still trying to work out why smiling black-faced golliwogs stopped being PC!! Who keeps forcing these ridiculous decisions on us??? And what of the latest thing that’s got right up my nose – Central Park in New York is taking down the monkey bars because they’re worried about the number of parents filing lawsuits. Who are these vile parents? When even our own children are being used as an excuse to money grab, is there any lower we can sink? Why doesn’t Central Park put up a notice saying ‘We assume accompanied and unaccompanied children have parental consent to play on the monkey bars. We will not be held responsible for accidents.’ I fell off monkey bars loads of times when I was a kid, but I had more accidents on my bicycle, skates and jumping off walls so what’s happened to letting kids be kids? And to the safety department who decided that the monkey bars in a primary school in Oxfordshire were a danger hazard and took them down– why didn’t they send out a survey to the kids themselves? Surely a child who is made important enough to debate such matters is far more likely to speak up if molested? I have so many questions with no answers to suit so I take my leave with this frustrated… SCREEEEEAAAAAAAMMMMMMM – - and boy am I glad I grew up in the era I did!!!!!!!! RECENT TWEETS Follow me on Twitter
  3. 3. . parent-children relationships sex as the new religion sex education Three faces of sex lovemaking manual TweetTweet 0 1 LikeLike Reply Like this Article? Share it! About The Author Paul Oneal Related Post 2 Comments Andrea Robinson July 20, 2014 at 7:45 pm RIGHT ON!!! If kids can’t play on the monkey bars, what can they do? Are we to follow them around with pillows trying to make sure they never get an owie? Central Park and the school in Oxfordshire could have put in that foamy stuff that most playgrounds have nowadays. If the kid falls, it’s no big deal. But even if they fall on sand, it’s probably no big deal either. What did they have there before? Concrete? I love the idea of having the kids debate the issue — after all, it affects them. And learning to articulate what they want and what they don’t want can only help them in life. It saves so many lawsuits, so many hurt feelings, so many bad decisions…. When I was raised, I was told, “Children should speak only when spoken to.” This ensured that I never told my parents anything, even if I had a medical condition. Also, I remember standing in the living room at the age of 16 watching my parents converse with guests and thinking, “Aren’t they even going to let me practice a little before I hit 18?” At the age of 18, I promptly split the country and didn’t see much of family until age 40. I think that children have a natural sense of what they can and can’t do. I had a friend who was a teacher, and he let the children themselves decide when and how far to climb up the monkey bars. Despite the protests from other anxiety-ridden adults, it played out that the children would only climb so high and attempt so many things. When they got to a place where they didn’t feel safe anymore, they stopped. The play gym was on sand. We assume that children are our blank slates and that they don’t know anything. I wonder what Has anyone found long- lasting love on Tinder or Grinder? What women want in bed – secrets of Rumanian stud Stella Ralfini hits back with facts about semen mask, other such beauty treatments and sex.
  4. 4. Reply Name (required) Email (required) Website Comment POST COMMENT ← Previous post Next post → would happen if we trusted children more, leveled with them more, and realized that they are actually more resilient than we adults are in many ways. Bravo for pointing out that children deserve respect, too. Stella Ralfini July 20, 2014 at 8:32 pm Wow dear Andrea, what an amazing reply – and I’m so glad we’re on the same wavelength – I’m glad I prompted you to think about what I said and I can honestly say you’ve prompted me to think even further on the subject so – a million thanks and lots of love x Leave A Response Copyright © 2014 Stella Ralfini HOME ABOUT BUY BOOKS ONLINE WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS CONTACT US