3 Free and Fabulous Ways to Create Visual Content


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Are you looking for FREE ways to create #visualcontent for your blog and social media posts?
Here are 3 Free and Fabulous resources...
Visual Content, that's what's up!
What is your favorite resource for visual content creation? Leave it in the comments and tweet it to @lorihil
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3 Free and Fabulous Ways to Create Visual Content

  1. 1. 3 FREE & Fabulous Ways to Create Visual Content!
  2. 2. I love me some wordage, but for social sharing purposes, sometimes you just cannot beat a visual. So today, I’m sharing 3 of my favorite ways to create and edit those pictures and graphics… Get that hashtag ready, read, and share #visualcontent! Visual Content, that’s what’s up!
  3. 3. First up: PicMonkey Why we love it… Because it’s Luscious and Lovely, of course!
  4. 4. Free or Royale Ok, so the “Luscious and Lovely” font is one of PicMonkey’s “Royale” features, but you have a ton of FREE options too! Free Tools: •Cropping •Enhancements •Overlays You can check out The PicMonkey Blog for Creative Ideas
  5. 5. Next: Canva Guy Kawasaki has now joined this Australian based start up to show bloggers how to create some easy, yet fabulous graphics. 1 2 When you visit Canva, you are presented with these design templates to get you started, from Pinterest graphics to Kindle Covers…
  6. 6. #Easy The dimensions are already worked out for you on common projects like Facebook Cover Photos. There are some pictures and graphics that require purchase, usually $1 a piece, but many are free. Check out a couple of my favorite FREE Stock Photo sites to get some pictures you can use: •Death to the Stock PhotoUnsplashPicJumbo
  7. 7. Infogr.am The layout looks similar to Canva, but Infogr.am is geared towards charts and infographics. These are rising in popularity on Pinterest. A great option if you have some statistics to share!
  8. 8. Which resource is your favorite and why? Let us know and share your creations! Tweet @lorihil Blog Post: http://immenselysocial.com/free-ways- to-create-visual-content/ Your Turn: Online Business Meets Real Life