cloud computing risks


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cloud computing risks

  1. 1. Cloud computingCompanies and collaboration @lorievela
  2. 2. Who uses cloud computing? 22% Professional Services and 21% Education and Public Sector @lorievela
  3. 3. Cloud adoption 60% business think it could be their most significant IT operating method in 2014 but Security is still an issue (63%) @lorievela
  4. 4. Security and Risk➢The top five cloud applications deployedcompany-wide are website hosting (24%),emailhosting (23%), database hosting (22%),servers (22%) and storage (20%)➢Security is deemed an ongoing issue that goesbeyond cloud (74%) but is certainly a priority➢in evaluating and managing IT delivered viacloud (80%)➢43% say it will not prevent them adopting morecloud services @lorievela
  5. 5. Cloud supply➢As in 2010 the key requirement of a cloudsupplier is that they provide data security andprivacy (73%) – having strong business continuityand disaster recovery processes has grown inimportance (70%), whilst providing performanceSLAs (67%) remains the third biggestconsideration➢Most prefer to use a mix of cloud suppliers (71%)rather than relying on a single service provider(25%) Methodology overview @lorievela
  6. 6. Conclusions✔Security factors prevail✔Risk evaluation of cloud✔Data privacy and contract issues✔Quality assurance and transition management✔Infrastructure and service provider business @lorievela
  7. 7. Key enablers of the process ➢ease of transition (58%), ➢quality assurance (55%) ➢while regulations on the security and control of customer data (54%) @lorievela
  8. 8. SaaSSoftware as a Service @lorievela
  9. 9. Paas Platform as a Service IaasInfrastructure as a Service @lorievela
  10. 10. Security sticking points Security is a partiuclar issue for companies in UK and Germany @lorievela
  11. 11. Attitudes74% of CIOs think IT securityis a concern whether ITsystemsand applications are deliveredvia the cloud or not. Againstthis backdrop, the fact that80% see security issues as apriority when evaluating andmanaging IT via cloudservices may in part be simplydue diligence in coming toterms with a new approach @lorievela
  12. 12. Cloud and Risk For many companies, risk is synonymous with security: compromises in security (45%) and brand damage as a result of performance issues or security incidents (42%) are pinpointed as specific business risks associated with adopting cloud services. @lorievela
  13. 13. Deployment of cloudPrivate clouds areparticularly popular as anoption in Spain (58%),Germany (57%) and theUK (56%) CommunityCloud 13% @lorievela
  14. 14. Cloud suppliers providing data security and privacy (73%) emerges as the most important factor, followed by business continuity and disaster recovery processes (70%) and the provision of performance assurances / SLAs (67%)
  15. 15. Future business use of cloud services providers only one in four companies would opt for a single supplier @lorievela
  16. 16. Cloud computing Risk or future?Report: European CIO Cloud, adrdressing security, @lorievela risk and transition