Loriefe Barroga


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Loriefe Barroga

  1. 1. Loriefe Barroga 331 Brgy. Tunhac Famy, Laguna Contact: 09076618009 Email: Loriefe_Barroga_02@yahoo.com Website: Barroga02@yahoo.com Objectives: To be able to land a job in a progressive company to hone my skills and technical ability, also to share what I have learned. Education: Laguna States Polytechnic University Siniloan Laguna Present Famy National High School Tunhac II Famy, Laguna 2005-2009 Famy Elementary School Asana Famy, Laguna 2001-2005 Experience: Spes (Summer Job) Municipality of Famy, Laguna Accountant office Skills: Singing, Dancing, and Playing Instrument. Personal Details: Birth Date: August 13, 1992 Birth Place: 331 Brgy. Tunhac Famy, Laguna Gender: Female Height: 5’2’’
  2. 2. Weight: 45kg. Blood Type: A