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  1. 1. -499565-504967Lorenza Bilog was 19 years of age when she got married to Pio Barroga. They live d in brgy. Tunhac III Famy, Laguna. Year 1992, she gave birth to her first daughter named Loriefe Bilog Barroga. When the first baby came in their life, it became meaningful and exert more effort in working to give a better life to his family.<br />Loriefe Bilog Barroga was born on August 13, 1992 at Brgy.Tunhac III Famy, Laguna. Her name was given by her grandfather Lucio Ramos. she was the first baby of Mr. And Mrs. Barroga. When she was 6 months old, obstacles can’t be avoided and it came in to her life, her parents separate their ways because of misunderstanding. after 2 months, her parents decided to live together again and this time they have to be loyal for the sake of their child. She was two years old when her mother got pregnant again, after 9 months, her mother gave birth to her youngest brother named Piolo, eventhough she is just 2 years old at that time, she felt happy to have a baby brother. When she was 5 years old and her brother Piolo was 3 years old, they always played together inside their house. Her mother did not allow them to play outside with other children because her mother was strict and over protective. She was 6 years old when she enters in grade 1, Mrs. Mercy Castro was her first adviser. In her first day in school, she is very afraid because she is not prone in associating with other children and another reason why she is afraid is because of her teacher, she is not easy to please and a very strict class adviser. She cope in that situation by means of study hard and listen carefully to her teacher and that’s why when her teacher called her name to answer the given questions, she always got the correct answer and when every Recognition Day comes, She always receive an award and that is the reason why her parents was proud to have her as their daughter. She also got some complements regarding to her performance in school. During her elementary life, She was very happy because she met a girl named Christel Ann Eranzo, and they became Best of friends, they have shared some wonderful memories together and even if they are only friends, it is not the hindrance to treat one another as real sister. She was 12 years old when she graduated at Famy Elementary School, Year 2005.<br />She enters in first year high school when she was 12 years of age. At that time, she met a lot of friends and she also have some suitors even though she is just only 12 years old and turning 13 years of age. she is too young and she didn’t know the real meaning of love so her parents didn’t gave her a permit to have a boyfriend and she is not able to have a boyfriend until she didn’t finish her studies in college level and also if she did not have a permanent job. Her parents was over protective to her, she always remember the times when her parents told her that they knew what is good and best for her. Year 2007, when she turned in second year high school, she decided to take an examination to transfer in the pilot section and she passed it, she gets what she wanted to, because when she was in first year, she didn’t take an exam to be a part of a pilot section even though she is already in Cream section but she really wants to become a pilot one. <br />-499565-491319She encounter a new atmosphere, new friends and classmates. she met a circle of good friends and she became a part of FRESH Jerland Jerkz, her true friends and also a barkadas. At that moment, she felt the real happiness because she knew that she have found her new friends, and that is really great because whatever happens to her, they are always there beside her, they offered some advice, suggestions, and help when she have problems and whenever she is in trouble or fight, they didn’t leave her alone. She was very thankful to God Almighty because God gave her that kind of friends and berkz. When she became a third year high school student, she felt happy because in that stage she experienced the difference between a 2nd year high school student to a 3rd year one. In that year, she is not easy to fall in love with someone and it takes year before she felt that she was madly inlove with the lucky guy named JERICHO DEVANADERA, she gave the sweetest YES to Echo in the day of July 29,2007. Echo was her first boyfriend, he courted her for almost three years, stsrting when she was in first year high school. At first, she didn’t have any feelings or affection with him but after three years she gave him a chance to show his love with her and then a chance to have his girl even though they are not legal, their relationship continue for almost two years. But then, she felt guilty because she is not allowed t have a boyfriend until she didn’t finish her study and she realized that it was her biggest mistake so she decided to broke up with him even if they love each other. HUHUHU . She sacrificed her first love and her first boyfriend because she think that it is the right thing to do for the sake of her parents. Her Super Ex always asking her for one more chance but she didn’t gave it because God knows how she love her parents than his boyfriend. And she always kept in mind that maybe he is not the right guy for her and they are not meant for each other. When she turned in 4th year high school, she was very proud to herself because she knew that it was only months left, the graduation day will came to her life and she was so excited to become a college student. Month of February 20,2009, trials can’t be avoided and it came to her life. Her parents decided to separate their ways because of third party, her father have another girl, for short “Querida”. At that moment, she hated the whole world and she really wanted to die because she can’t accept it, but then she realized that it is not the right thing to do, maybe God gave her that kind of problem because he has a purpose and maybe he had a better plan to her. Life must go on so she try to move on and accept the truth even though it is the hard thing to do and she really have to face it. And now, she was a first year college student at Laguna State Polytechnic University taking up Bachelor of Secondary Education as her course. She was through in moving on and she was brave enough to face the challenges in her life. She was happy to continue her life together with her family, her present boyfriend named ZHIG BERNARDELLI RELIGIOSO and together with her best friend Andrew Realeza, and lastly she was very thankful because whatever happens Father God is always there beside her.<br />THANKS GOD!!!<br />