Social media what is it good for?


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Social media what is it good for?

  1. 1. Social Media What is It Good For? Lori Birrell University of Rochester
  2. 2. Agenda• Background on the organizations in my study• My foray into social media• Results of implementing social media• Discussion of my study• Recommendations for archival practitioners Lori Birrell
  3. 3. The Tale of a Poetry SocietyWho: An international poetry societyWhat: Implementing Facebook & TwitterWhy: To increase current membershipparticipation & attract new, younger membersWhen: October 2010- April 2011 Lori Birrell
  4. 4. The Tale of a Small, Liberal Arts CollegeWho: A New England College’s archives andspecial collections departmentWhat: Contributing to library’s (LITS) pre-existing Facebook and Twitter feedsWhy: To increase campus and alumni awarenessof school history and archival holdingsWhen: September 2010- April 2011 Lori Birrell
  5. 5. One Poetry Organization’s Foray into Social MediaFacebook Profiles, Groups and Pages- OHMY! Lori Birrell
  6. 6. LITS & FacebookBe sure to attend the2010 Vespers concertthis Sunday. But beforeyou do, take a look atthe first Vespersconcert program! Photofrom … College DigitalCollections, part of theArchives & SpecialCollections. Lori Birrell
  7. 7. Poetry Society: Where is Everybody???Twitter: Use of #hashtags& @users Lori Birrell
  8. 8. LITS & Twitter• Being one voice among many- not the lone voice: Using CoTweet Lori Birrell
  9. 9. Poetry Society Facebook ResultsData Pool: Nov. 8, 2010-March 21, 2011Likes: 31 usersPage Visits: On average, 21people visited FB pageeach week Lori Birrell
  10. 10. LITS’ Facebook Results Data Pool: Jan.- March 2011 Likes: On average 245 usersNearly 10 times as many users visit LITS Facebook page than visit Poetry Society page Lori Birrell
  11. 11. Poetry Society’s Twitter ResultsTweet Aggregator:TweetStatsData Pool: Nov.2010-March 2011Average Tweets: 1.7times per day /14per month Lori Birrell
  12. 12. LITS’ Twitter Results Tweet aggregator: TweetStats Data Pool: Jan. 2010- March 2011 Average Tweets: 2.2 times per day/25 tweets per month Lori Birrell
  13. 13. Lessons Learned: #1 Buy In Lori Birrell
  14. 14. Buy In Poetry Society LITS• President • My boss• Not FB group • LITS staff administrator • I created & generated• Not content creator content Lori Birrell
  15. 15. Lessons Learned: #2Community Lori Birrell
  16. 16. Community Poetry Society LITS• Meets 1 time/year • Communications• No expectation of throughout the year continued conversation • Strong connection to central organization Lori Birrell
  17. 17. Lessons Learned: #3 Content Lori Birrell
  18. 18. Content Poetry Society LITS• Poet’s birthday & annual • Constant activity meeting • Reporting THEIR• Reporting OTHER’S NEWS NEWS Lori Birrell
  19. 19. Conclusions• Generate conversations among users• Implement social media tools into an existing suite of outreach activities Lori Birrell
  20. 20. Lori Manuscript Librarian University of Rochester Lori Birrell