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Treehaven by brynn beaumier


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Treehaven by brynn beaumier

  1. 1. Treehaven By: Brynn Beaumier
  2. 2. Voyager I liked this session a whole lot because Jaques Debuniet called me a French maid. The reason of that is because I’m a girl and my last name is French. Another fun thing about this session is I offered to lift a 45 pound Voyager bag. I almost tipped over! He said I kept smiling because I’m French.
  3. 3. Beaver During this session, my group and I got a preview of the spring session. This was the fall session. That preview was a frog! The frog was very, very small. Back to the beavers. Their tails are very powerful. They can do lots with their tails such as: warning others by slapping them against the water, they store fat and energy, while the beavers are gnawing on a log, their tails are very good kickstands, and while the beavers swimming, the tails will steer for the beavers
  4. 4. Logging <ul><li>During this session, we (the Cardinals, which are a group) learned that lumberjacks are working before the crack of dawn. We also learned that lumberjacks eat very delicious meals for breakfast they usually ate pancakes with chocolate syrup on top. To be a lumberjack, you have to be super strong. </li></ul>