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Loreto 5 2012 Linda Walburn - Music


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Loreto 5 2012 Linda Walburn - Music

  1. 1. Loreto 5 - 2012Linda Walburn MUSIC
  2. 2. Loreto 5 – The plan• Music Portal – students and staff• iPads in Music Education• PLogs in Music• Music and Copyright• Future ideas
  3. 3. Music Portal• Music Faculty Page
  4. 4. Music Portal• Design of useful sections specifically for Music;• Imbedding using You Tubes videos;• Discussion boards;• Images and photos;• Student drop-box security• Video of the week and discussion
  5. 5. Music Portal - Sibelius Notation Files
  6. 6. Music Portal - Music Team Page
  7. 7. Music Portal - Music Team Site• Design of useful sections specifically for Music Areas;• Transferral from “t drive” to Team site to share – programs and assessment tasks• Whole Music Staff working (one period/cycle)• Ongoing refinement and additions to this site – past exams; resources• Collation of dept photos and videos for storage
  8. 8. iPads and Music Education
  9. 9. iPads for the Music ClassroomPresented by Samuel Wright (MLC and IGS)•Implenting use of iPads for both non-elective and elective music programs•Use of Garageband composition programs for junior classes through to scorereading apps for senior music classes•Initiaing staff to try to use our iPads in classes over next term – we all haveone to use .•Locate more Apple/Mac equipment to using iPads in our classrooms and withour boards•Investigation of apps – sharing, costs etc•Plans to use ipads for specific groups in Music•Sharing resources via TWITTER
  10. 10. iPads in Music EducationSuggestion for CLASS SET of iPads for:• Vocal Ensemble to store musical scores•Year 7 and Year 8 Music – using Garageband forcomposition activities•Elective and Senior Music Classes – using music appsspecific to research eg JAZZ app•Apple happy to support class set and storage for schools
  11. 11. ipads and Music Education Garageband
  12. 12. Music Education andTechnology Support
  13. 13. Online Courses and newsletters for Music Teachers
  14. 14. PLogs in MUSIC
  15. 15. PLogs in MUSIC• A platform is needed for ELECTIVE MUSIC students to view, observe, gather information, reflect, refine, share their performances:Student Class TeacherStudent Private Instrumental TutorStudent ParentsStudent Student• Result = A Music Performance Log(ie Music Blog solely for the purpose of performance review)
  16. 16. PLogs in Music – Section A Video Concert Practice• Video their own performances using the FLIP CAMERAS - saving to R drive in student folders minimal, sure no fail approach.• Student are able to collect their videos and store into a powerpoint presentation which is entitled their OWN MUSIC PLog• They are then encouraged to reflect, write, comment on their OWN performances.
  17. 17. PLogs in Music – Student 1 sample
  18. 18. PLogs in Music – Student 2 sample
  19. 19. PLogs in Music – Student 3 sample
  20. 20. PLogs in Music – Section B Performances to review• Also imbedding YouTubes that are related to their performances – for review, comment and reflection using music vocabulary.• Collating You Tube and student performance side by side for comparison with student performances
  21. 21. PLogs in Music – Student 4 sample
  22. 22. PLogs in Music – Section C The presentation• Powerpoint delivery• Sequence of learning• Develop stage appropriate criteria for Plog assessment• To share individually/tutors/parents/peers
  23. 23. PLogs in Music – Student 5 sample
  24. 24. PLogs in Music - ISSUES• Where to store these videos – r drive in student folders; students have ONE term to collect their videos from school storage• Reminding students to use a backup system as files are too big to store on laptops• Developing criteria for students to complete• Creative commons/copyright – seeking student permission
  25. 25. Use of YouTube in Music Education
  26. 26. YouTube and Music EducationChapter One - An Introduction to YouTube•The Attraction to YouTube•Students Are Using YouTube•The YouTube Culture•Musically YouTube: Auditions, Creations, and Distribution•YouTube Symphony Orchestra•From Works of the Masters to Works Made by Mashers•I Want My YouTube Music TV•Why YouTube Works in Education•A Brief History of YouTube•Educational ApplicationsChapter two - YouTube TourChapter Three - Creating a YouTube AccountChapter Four - Playback, Sound Quality, and DisplayChapter Five - Copyright and CopywrongChapter Six - YouTube in the Music ClassroomChapter Seven - Teaching Music with YouTube
  27. 27. Using YouTube : Teachers
  28. 28. Using YouTubeRisk Management tips for teachers using YouTube•Dont use content that is likely to be an infringing copy.•Only use YouTube videos for the purpose of teaching. There should be no commercial benefit.•Only use what you need.•Check that you cant purchase or readily license the content that you need from another source.•Dont expose the content to further copying or communication, such as•putting the material on the internet or giving students access to an•electronic file that they could copy.If I have access to YouTube in the classroom, can I stream YouTube tomy class?•You may be able to stream YouTube videos to a class under section 28 of the Copyright Act. Thisstreaming may be directly from the YouTube website, or through a link to a YouTube video embeddedon another website.
  29. 29. Copyright and Music – ACC Course
  30. 30. Copyright and Music – ACC CourseThe Australian Copyright Council is a non-profit organisationwhose objectives are to:• assist creators and other copyright owners to exercise their rights effectively;•raise awareness in the community about the importance of copyright;•identify and research areas of copyright law which are inadequate or unfair;•seek changes to law and practice to enhance the effectiveness and fairness of copyright;•foster co-operation amongst bodies representing creators and owners of copyright.
  31. 31. What rights are attached to MUSIC?
  32. 32. What rights are attached to MUSIC?Some examples of copyright materials commonly used by music teachers are:musical works – for example, the printed music for a song or instrumental piece;literary works – for example, the lyrics to a song or the libretto of an opera;sound recordings – for example, the recorded version of a piece of music, on a CD or in anelectronic file such as an MP3;artistic works – for example, a photograph or illustration in a music textbook;broadcast – for example, a radio broadcast of a live performance of an orchestra or a televisiondocumentary about a musician;published edition – for example, a particular publisher’s edition of a collection of Bach concertos.Copyright can exist in the edition (such as the typeface, layout and cover) even if the music in theedition is no longer protected by copyright (public domain);dramatic works – for example, the screenplay of a film or script of a play.
  33. 33. Copyright and Music –Smartcopying Web site
  34. 34. Copyright and MusicKey points• Generally, you need permission to copy, record or perform music in public.• There is no general exemption from copyright requirements where material is used for a nonprofitpurpose.• There are no special copyright provisions for choirs, orchestras, ensembles, bands or privatemusic teachers.• In some cases, rather than having to contact each copyright owner separately, you can get alicence from a copyright collecting society covering your use of material.What does copyright protect?Copyright protects a range of materials, including:• musical works;• arrangements and performing editions of music;• accompanying lyrics (“literary works”);• the typesetting of published lyrics and music (“published edition”); and• recorded sounds (for example, on a CD or MP3) (“sound recordings”).
  35. 35. Extract of an Australian free- to-air Other YouTube Videos (including Broadcaster’s Television Program YouTube Content Partners)Can I download a YouTube video? Yes, under Part VA provided that: Yes, under the Flexible Fair* Dealing Exception provided that: • the copy is made solely for educational purposes; • The YouTube video is not likely to be an infringing copy. • the video is of an Australian • You are using the video for the free-to-air broadcast; and purposes of giving educational • the video has been posted by the broadcaster. instruction. • Your use is non- commercial. • The circumstances of your use is a special case. • Your use does not conflict with the normal exploitation of the video. • Your use does not unreasonably prejudice the copyright owner.Can I convert YouTube videos into Yes, provided that you do it Yes, provided that you do ita different format in order to yourself yourselfdownload them?* Yes, as long as it is for the Yes, as long as it is for theCan I show a YouTube video file in purposes of educational instruction purposes of educational instructionclass?
  36. 36. Extract of an Australian free- Other YouTube Videos to-air Broadcaster’s Television (including YouTube Content Program Partners)Can I upload a YouTube video Yes, as long as it is being used Yes, under the Flexible Fairfile to the School intranet or for educational purposes. Dealing Exception providedContent Management System? that: • The YouTube video is not likely to be an infringing copy. • You are using the video for the purposes of giving educational instruction. • Your use is non- commercial. • The circumstances of your use is a special case. • Your use does not conflict with the normal exploitation of the video. • Your use does not unreasonably prejudice the copyright owner.Do I have to destroy copies ofNo NoYouTube video files after use?
  37. 37. Copyright and Student Performance’sSeeking Student Permission to Record/Photograph Performances1.Do we need permission from students to video record their performances in the classroom?2.Do we need permission from students to video record their performances in schoolconcerts, music festivals or eisteddfods?3.Do we need permission from students to record their performances in a student film orvideo?4.Do we need a students permission to take photographs of their performances?Check our school’s PRIVACY policy on photographing students. It is recommended that schoolsseek permission from students and parents to be photographed, filmed or sound recorded for schoolpurposes at the beginning of each school year.
  38. 38. Future MUSIC Loreto 5 ???
  39. 39. Future – Music and Loreto 5• Ongoing refinement and design of PLog format for Elective and Senior Music classes• Ongoing maintenance of Music Portal for each Year level and staff networking on teams site• Ongoing personal and staff meetings with IT staff/integrators• iPad learning in the Music classroom – proposal for class set• Continue use of ‘skype”of live Music class concerts to boarding parents and community• 2012/2013 – student permissions to use their performance work for school community; PLogs; Portal• Development of the Music@Loreto site for Loreto Community