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Info for year 11 parents


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Info for year 11 parents

  1. 1. Information for Year 11 Parents
  2. 2.  Encourage a balance between homework, study, leisure/relaxation, sport and social events. Negotiate time spent on-line on social network sites Observe and read the cues when your daughter is stressed. If her stress escalates, seek the advice of your GP , the school counsellor or your daughter’s Head of House. Encourage your daughter to get involved in all House and School events, leadership opportunities and social justice events. Assist her to complete her Community Service commitment.
  3. 3. AttendanceIf your daughter is unwell or requires a day’s leave, please: Email, or Phone the Loreto Normanhurst Attendance line and leave a voicemail on 94737354Please state your daughter’s name, House and reason for absenceand length of the absence.If the absence is not explained by 8.45am, you will receive a SMStext on your mobile phone.
  4. 4. Conversations and Holistic Plenary Meetings Loreto Normanhurst is committed to Conversations as an essential element of the each student’s learning and holistic growth. These Conversations encourage each student to reflect on her learning – her attitude, effort, ownership, successes, challenges and goals to implement change. Join your daughter and her Tutor in a Conversation! Come to her Holistic Plenary Meeting on Monday April 30, Thursday May 3, Monday May 7 or Tuesday May 8.