How to manage a nss Facebook page lorenzo mentuccia


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How to increase the virality of the posts, how to measure the impact of the activity qith Facebook for the National Support Service of eTwinning european project.

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How to manage a nss Facebook page lorenzo mentuccia

  1. 1. How to manage the NSS Facebook PageLorenzo Mentuccia, NSS ItalyNSS PDW Sommaroy, Norway, 12-14 June 2013
  2. 2. eTwinning Italia Overview 2012Beginning: March 2012• 1000+ fans (no Ads)• 400,000 total views(3 times more than our website)• 300% growth in 2012Second referral source of the national website after the Desktop (17%)Fans growth
  3. 3. Facebook is not a competitor of eTwinning!it is a strong ally to foster and strenghten the eTwinningcommunity!Facebook is not a game!it needs time, resources and planning, as the othercommunication channelsFacebook is safe if you know how to manage it!it offers a strong promotional power for free, and its impactis fully measurable!3 things to remember…
  4. 4. What?Website contents: project experiences, news, tutorials,informationDaily activity: stories, initiatives, anticipations, purposes, thoughts,results, anecdotesEvents: regional, national and european eventsFacebook activity
  5. 5. Why?Increase the web presence and the visibility of the NSS and ItalianeTwinning community’s activities, offering a new communicationchannelPromote eTwinning, engaging new users to join the communityand register into the platform; motivating the eTwinners to keep theminvolvedCreate and maintain a positive image of the “brand”, fostering thesense and values of eTwinningFacebook activity
  6. 6. How?Be direct and interesting: images can underline very well yourmessage. Write simple and try to catch couriousity through original contentsBe «on time»: update with continuity, refresh contents every day, butdon’t be boring! Be aware of news or events that happened around youBe «2.0»: Connect your page to other social networks channels and to thewebsite (link and sharing tools) coordinating contents and layoutsBe a listener of your fans, try to understand what they like, theircomposition, their expectations, their requests. Measure your impactFacebook activity
  7. 7. Name and logoLayout coverInformationApp and Fb toolsPage set up
  8. 8. Multimedia (picture,video) = Strong impact, weak,informationPump up your post views!Text= Short, simple, informal, friendly, empathic,inspiring interactionLinks = Strong information, weak impactVery great impact
  9. 9. 2 Shares5 Likes374 total views (120 viral)The value of imagesIMPACT
  10. 10. 13 Shares14 Likes1731 Total views (1394 viral)IMPACTViews 450%Virality 1000%
  11. 11. The value of timeToolsSocial network planDefine purposes, contents and results.Grid on excel to schedule the posts duringthe week and focus the attention onspecific issuesDesktop toolsAutomatic scheduling of posts andmultiple account managing system (i.e.Hootsuite)Be continuous and “on time”, according to what you want to communicateLess is more = Find a consistency that’s right for your fansGet in touch with your audience = Answer questions,messages, post for special occasions
  12. 12. Page promotionWebsite home page links (icons orwidgets)Share buttons on website contentsShare your page with friends andcolleaguesLinks on newsletters and mail signatureArticles or Press releases onlineeTwinning Desktop newsQuote (@) and follow influencers pagesFacebook Campaigns (Ads for page orsingle post)
  13. 13. Monitoring: Fb InsightsWho are my fans?Who is my reachedaudience?Are my posts viral?
  14. 14. Monitoring: Fb parametersImpressionThe total views of any page contentReachThe number of unique views of any page content :(Organic reach - Viral reach - Paid reach)Engaged usersPeople who have clicked within your post/updateTalking about thisPeople who have created a "story" from your page posts (likes, comments, shares)Virality index (talking about this/reach%)The percentage of reached people who created a «story» (TAT/reach*100)Exporting data on excelformat file allowed
  15. 15. Promoting events with FacebookEuropean Conference Lisbon 2013 case studyBEFORE THE EVENTDURING THE EVENTAFTER THE EVENTTotal presence: 39 postsPeriod: January 24th - April 8th
  16. 16. PicturesMultimediaBEFORE THE EVENT(1-2 months before)WHAT: First information,explaining the news from thenational delegationHOW: Alternate type ofcontents in a progressiveupdatingWHY: Foster couriousity andexpectations on the audienceSite contentsEvent
  17. 17. DURING THE EVENTWHAT: Show your directpresence, focusing on thenational delegation newsHOW: Cover the entire eventduration with pictures; updatefrequently; connect other socialnetworks channels (Twitter,Instagram..)WHY: Foster the creation of“real time stories” by the fans(get their attention, you arehere!)
  18. 18. AFTER THE EVENT(within 1 month)WHAT: Give the «results» of theevent (in depth content)HOW: Post all the multimediamaterials (speech, presentations,video, album), showing insight data ofworkshops, plenary sessions…WHY: spread the event duration inthe fans
  19. 19. 05001000150020002500gen-13 feb-13 mar-13 apr-13eTwinning European Conference 2013 impactImpressionReachEngagedTalking about thisPeople9 postsVirality 6%23 postsVirality 5%7 postsVirality 3%• Post number and frequency don’t impact on page virality• «Visibility» doesn’t always mean «virality»• Right content at right time is the RULE! (be original!)
  20. 20. Thanks!!!Answers or info: