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Introduction to .NET


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Published in: Technology
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Introduction to .NET

  1. 1. Introduction to .NET Lorenzo Dematté @ldematte
  2. 2. What is .NET?Not different from asking: what is Java?.NET, XP, 2000… oh my!A Framework Execution environment (CLR) Support libraries (BCL) Languages (C#, VB, F#)
  3. 3. .NET is alsoA platform, an “ecosystem” Both MS and others Tools (VS), libraries, open source projects (Nunit, EF)And also, for some parts, a specification/standard CLI, C#
  4. 4. .NET Framework C# C++/CLI VB.NET F# PLINQ TPL EF LINQ ADO.NET WPF WCF WF BCL VS CLR (Jitter, VM, Loader, GC, Debugging…) Host: OS, Hardware, Exe (SQL, IIS)
  5. 5. History1.0, 1.1 Winforms, C# 1, ASP.NET, ADO.NET2.0 Generics, C# 2 (latest CLR)3.0 – “WinFX” WPF, WCF, WF3.5 LINQ, C# 3 (lambda, extension methods)4.0 ParallelFX, C# 4 (dynamic)4.5 Metro, C# 5 (async)
  6. 6. .NET Framework (history) PLINQ TPL F# EF LINQ ADO.NE T WPF WCF WF C++/CLI BCL VB.NET CLR (Jitter, VM, Loader, GC, Debugging…) C#
  7. 7. Core conceptsManaged Garbage collection Introspection (self-description) Virtual machineJIT Verification and optimizationComponentsAssembly Bytecode + Metadata
  8. 8. Where?WindowsLinux, MacOSX Mono, MonoMACEmbedded Windows CE, Windows PhoneMicro Netduino
  9. 9. Outside MS: Languages
  10. 10. Outside MS: Libraries
  11. 11. From source to execution:languagesCompilation csc /out:test.exe test.cs mcs test.cs --out:test2.exeExecution .test.exe mono test.exeMultiple languages csc /t:library /out:testLib.dll testLib.cs fsc test.fs /r:testLibrary.dll
  12. 12. From source to executionAssembly: MSIL + MetadataLoad assembly Plus dependencies “Fusion”JIT
  13. 13. From source to execution Assembly (dll) F# source MSIL Assembly (exe) C# source MSIL Main Func ASM Main Greet Func GreetAll Func CLR (Jitter, VM, Loader, GC, Debugging…)
  14. 14. An example: Hello World