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Demand side innovation - Eindhoven 2012


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Demand side innovation - Eindhoven 2012

  1. 1. Effective governmental roles in fostering innovation 4th Interregional Innovation Workshop Eindhoven, the Netherlands 4th of April 2012
  2. 2. DEMAND-SIDE INNOVATION DISCUSSION By demand-side innovation policies we are aiming to increase • the DEMAND FOR INNOVATIONS, • TO IMPROVE THE CONDITIONS FOR THE UPTAKE OF INNOVATIONS • AND/OR TO IMPROVE THE ARTICULATION OF DEMAND IN ORDER TO SPUR INNOVATIONS AND THE DIFFUSION OF INNOVATIONS This is not the same as demand-based approach of science policy whereby support is geared to the supply side (i.e. the knowledge creation) This is not about improving or accelerating diffusion of off-shelf technologies (Edler, 2009)
  3. 3. DEMAND-SIDE INNOVATION DISCUSSION Source: Georghiou, 2011
  4. 4. DEMAND-SIDE INNOVATION Sci-Network Municipality of Helmond; Provincia di Living Labs Bolzano
  5. 5. THE EVIDENCE Governments which base their purchase decision for the procurement of advanced technology products on technical performance and innovativeness rather than on cost price, clearly drive innovation in their Country (Innometrics, 2007)
  6. 6. Recent Survey in the UK, 2011Source: Georghiou, 2011
  7. 7. CAUTION: do not over emphasize public procurement for innovation
  8. 8. Diverging experiences within the EU at national level 4 3 3 1 0 2 4 3 0 ERMIS countries Source: Trends and Challenges in Demand- Side Innovation Policies in Europe - Thematic Report 2011
  9. 9. experiences at regional level There are many experiments at regional level that can actually be encompassed in demand-side policy Some of them are monitored (see Regional Innovation Monitor, February 2012) But the impression is that many systemic bottom up initiatives are not monitored yet Example of the Aeronautical cluster of Imola, Emilia Romagna that is Smart Innovation platform for matchmaking and business opportunities exploiting the knowledge of lead suppliers of aeronautical components
  10. 10. What kind of capacities are requested from governments? Source: The Power of the Purse Public Procurement of Innovation – Feasibility of an EU scheme Brussels, Thursday 9 February 2012
  11. 11. QUESTIONS FOR ERMIS PARTNERS 1. THE RIGHT MIX TO INNOVATE? Which types of demand-side innovation measures seem to be most relevant at the regional level? Is the local/regional innovation system more demand side oriented or is it a (good) mix or is it even more supply side oriented
  13. 13. QUESTIONS FOR ERMIS PARTNERS 2. EXPERIENCE IN ERMIS REGION Are there demand-side mechanisms in your region? Are they effective? how are these mechanisms perceived? What kind of demand-side mechanism would suit best your region innovation ecosystem (systemic, regulatory, procurement)? Which of the presented best practice can be imported?
  14. 14. QUESTIONS FOR ERMIS PARTNERS 3. RISING TO THE CHALLENGE OF LOCAL NEEDS What sectors and societal needs would benefit the most from demand-side innovation in your region? Make examples……… Are there sectors and societal needs where innovation can not be fostered from the demand side at all? And why not?
  15. 15. QUESTIONS FOR ERMIS PARTNERS 4. CAPACITY BULDING What can be the best way for building capacity for demand side policies in the public administration ? What do public administrations need or miss now ?
  16. 16. QUESTIONS FOR ERMIS PARTNERS 5. ROOM FOR ERMIS CAPITALISATION…? Can Ermis network capitalise in the future on the reproducibility of local innovation through attention to demand-side policy?
  17. 17. CHALLENGES The right policy mix according to regional structural characteristics The right policy mix according to National Innovation policy The capacity of the Public Administration Evaluation of results in terms of innovation, growth and efficiency