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My Presentation from The Impact of Civic Tech Conference 2015

  1. A donor’s perspective Loren Treisman, PhD Indigo Trust: Executive
  2. • The Indigo Trust is a UK based grant making foundation that funds mobile and web-driven projects to bring about social change in Africa • The Trust focuses mainly on innovation, transparency and citizen empowerment • We also support innovative tech-driven projects which support development outcomes in any social sector including the health, education, human rights and agricultural spheres • We believe that if people have the ability to access, share, create and utilise information, then they are empowered to make positive changes in their own lives and communities
  3. Transparency, Accountability & Citizen Participation: Access to Info
  4. Making Sense of Parliamentary Information
  5. Citizen Reporting
  6. Integrating Tech Interventions Into Wider Campaigns
  7. What We’ve Learnt as Donors
  8. Measuring Impact: Realistic Expectations • It’s hard to show causation • How does it compliment other work-relevant piece of a puzzle? • Clear Theory of Change • Proxy Indicators • Users-awareness-re-use of info • Informal feedback and social media • Group calls • Storytelling/anecdotal evidence
  9. Working With On The Ground Partners
  10. Marketing: Targeting Professionals
  11. • The Chairman of the ruling party writing to ask Mzalendo to help with engagement regarding the Youth Employment Bill • A rep writing to ask Mzalendo to share information about a bursary they were offering • Requests by MPs for profile updates MPs are starting to take notice….
  12. Marketing: Increasing traffic and engagement • Twitter and Facebook they tend to account for between 85% and 90% of all social traffic. • In most countries analysed, Facebook is a higher driver of traffic • In South Africa and Zimbabwe the reverse is true • In Africa, competitions or infographics, or similar style news type stories are shared most • In South Africa the blogs are the most shared • Referrals make up 5% of hits of People’s Assembly • In Kenya promotional work e.g. Shujaaz drew traffic
  13. 295,858 users on multiple platforms
  14. January • Impressions 21,811 – a 30% increase on December • Sessions 10,710 – a 25% increase on December • Unique Visitors 9,104 – a 26% increase on December
  15. Integrating Tech Into Well Devised Programmes
  16. Integrating Tech Into Well Devised Campaigns
  17. A Few Take home Messages………. • Use of appropriate and available tech-target audience? Penetration? • The importance of context • Empower local activists and professionals to use tech • Bringing together the right partners is key • Don’t underestimate marketing and training needs • Passionate, capable leaders and teams matter • Consult end users at all stages of projects • Think about interoperability, replicability and/or scalability • Patience is needed, impact takes time
  18. Thanks for Listening Loren Treisman, PhD Twitter: @indigotrust