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Media location shots


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Media location shots

  1. 1. Location shots for ‘Je T’Aime’ A total of six locations are required for ‘Je T’Aime’. In scene six we see our female lead, Violate Hopson wondering the village. She spots the phone box which inside holds the final balloon shes been looking for. Screen shot from ‘Tamara Drewe’This shot is taken in Milton Keynes village and will be perfect for setting the genre and tone of our diversionof a romantic short film. I believe this typical village scenery is very cute and romantic and has the ability tocreate a very desirable and dreamy atmosphere, which is what we are looking for in the first half of the film.The audience will be able to associate this sleepy village with love and romance. The simplicity of the shotand the light colors will help reinforce the idea of innocence when our female role is seen wondering thelocation in her search for love. ‘Tamara Drewe’ is a romance film that is set in a quiet village in Dorset this isexactly the sort of atmosphere and pace we will be looking to get from this particular location.
  2. 2. Location shots for ‘Je T’Aime’A total of six locations are required for ‘Je T’Aime’. In scene eight we see Buster Keatonwaiting by the park bench for Violate to appear. Screen shot of ‘500 Days of Summer’ This shot was taken in Milton Keynes Village. I believe the park scenery and naturalistic nature of the place makes for a very romantic meeting spot . The tree with the bench is were Buster will be waiting for Violet and this is were we will see Busters emotions change from excitement to disappointment. The audience should subconsciously feel the mood change the fact that it is a singular tree makes the spot feel very secluded and alienated, this will help creating the tone at the end of the film as Buster feels rejected. ‘500 Days of Summer’ have also used a park bench scene in there movie which was used for the first date scene. A simple picnic date in the park is more romantic to the obvious wining and dining which is popular in modern society. Stripping it back to basics shows Busters thoughtful and old school romantic side. This should appeal to our target audience which is predominantly female.
  3. 3. Location shots for ‘Je T’Aime’A total of six locations are required for ‘Je T’Aime’. In scene five we see our female lead,Violate Hopson walk down the stairs to the right of the shot. She walks away from thecamera into the distance. This shot was taken in Monkston. We felt this location feels quite isolated. This is a perfect shot for capturing violets emotions as the further away the scene becomes lighter and airier. Lighter scenes and the brighter colors hold connotations of happiness and excitement of a happier future. However the darkness of the underpass shows her worry that things might not end well.
  4. 4. Location shots for ‘Je T’Aime’The two shots below were taken in MiltonKeynes village. They will be used throughoutthe film. I believe they really play up theidealistic country village and will set the sceneswell for our female leads quest to find love. Thefact the road/paths go on into the distance willsuggest to the audience that this could be along journey and the end might not be easyfind. Screen shot from ‘One Day’ I believe both shots are quite romantic and the audience should be able to vision a couple enjoying one anothers company whilst walking through a quiet but very natural and pretty street. The movie ‘One Day’ has a similar scene to ours as two friends walk together laughing. The fact its just the two of them makes the scene very intimate. In our short film violet will be subverting this by just wondering the street alone.
  5. 5. Location shots for ‘Je T’Aime’A total of six locations are required for ‘Je T’Aime’. In scene one we see our female lead, Violate Hopsonwaking up in her bedroom. She sits up on her bed stretches and walks over the her window were she looksat a family photo before leaving the room and heading downstairs.These two shots are location one and will be scene at the verystart of the movie. The pinks and colorfulness of the room willhelp show Violets lighthearted and fun personality right from thebeginning of the short film. The target audience who ispredominantly females ages between 16-18 will be able to relateto the style and décor of the room. A teenage romance moviecalled ‘Picture this’ Also starts in the female leads bedroom. Fromthe screenshot you can see the similarities between the tworooms.Screen shot from ‘Picture this’