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Equipo 3


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Equipo 3 Open House Presentation December 2012

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Equipo 3

  2. 2. On christmas day Santa Clausbrings gifts !My parents send me to bed andwhen I wake up the next morning Iget all my gifts from the christmastree.I am very happy this time of year!Gerry
  3. 3. On christmas wecelebrate the birthday ofJesus.We get together in myfamily in order tocelebrate his birthday,we eat, drink and playgames.We sleep and in themorning we get the giftsthat Santa Claus left .Its a very happy day !Saul
  4. 4. Christmas is fantastic tome and my favourite day!Because Santa Clauscomes in to my house!Also everybodycelebrates the birth ofJesus, its great becausewe have a good time.I wish I could see Santa atleast one time!!Samy
  5. 5. Christmas is the most important day for kidsbecause Santa gives us gifts !Its a very important moment for me and my familyeverybody is Happy!We celebrate with gifts on December 25th.Also I know Santa is chubby and wears red clothes.Sonia
  6. 6. The christmas day is the happiest day of the year forthe boy Jesus firecrackers Santa Claus is god.Brandon
  7. 7. Christmas day is so important forme and is so fun.I celebrate with my familycousins,aunts,grandparnts, parants,and my sisters.I love this day jesus is born and ilike merry christmas for thesurprase is so fun.Mariana C.