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  1. 1. Details of the place: Location: Fairyland theme park is located 4 kilometers away from Los Angeles. It is sunny and hot all the year It has an area of 30 acres. It has lots of green areas. Entrance: It has a big advertisement. It has the height of 6 meters. This advertisement has a colorful design and the letters are written with glasses. Parking Lot: Fairyland has a parking lot for 50 cars. Each lot has an area of 13 meters. Cars can be put on the lots by the valet parking. This service is free if you are a visitor. Gift shop: There is a place for buying souvenirs from your visit, such as toy stuff, pink mushrooms, fairies, goblins, dolls, swords, caps , bags, purses and t-shirts. Prices toy stuff= 8 dollars pink mushrooms= 15 dollars
  2. 2. fairies= 25 dollars goblins= 25 dollars dolls=30 dollars swords=30 dollars caps= 18 dollars bags= 30 dollars purses =30 dollars t-shirts= 28 dollars Tickets store: It is a pink stand that has a great title at the top of it. There you can buy tickets. Each ticket costs 1 dollar. If you buy more than 80 tickets you can get a discount (10%) Wonderland playground: Swimming pool The swimming pool has an area of 100 meters It has 60 centimeters of depth. There are slides for kids. There is a life guard when help is needed. Kids must enter to the pool with their swimming suit. Before they enter to the pool, they must take a shower with the help of their parents or staff Slides: There are two slides. One of the slides has 2 meters height, and the other 1.8 meter height Kids must wait for their turn if they want to play there.
  3. 3. The stairs are really thin, so kids must be careful Swings: Swings are only available for three kids Kids must weight under 30 kg. Seesaw: There are two seesaws Each side can only hold up 3 kids. Horseback riding: There are 6 unicorns. There is a stable, where they stay. Staff must help the kids when they are horseback riding. The court for horseback riding is mud and grass. Restaurant: This is fancy place to eat. It people want to enter they must be using casual clothes. There are 9 small tables. Each table can have 4 people on it. There are 3 big tables too, that can hold up 8 people each one. Buffet: Lasagna Pizza Sushi Peruvian Food Ice cream Crème Brule
  4. 4. Brownies Pie Chifa Salads Fruits The price for the buffet is 5o tickets adults (16-more) and 30 tickets: kids(0-16) Castle: It is 10 thousand meters. It is pink and has lots of glitter. There is a big entrance. For entering to the castle you need to go by boat. Inside the castle, there are lots of paintings. It is divided into two sections. Every Friday at 8 pm, there are performances of the most famous stars of the world. Goblin’s war: It has an irish landscape. This place is only for boys. There, they can fight with goblins and become one of their club. There is like an arena for the fights. This arena is made of rubber, so it is really soft. This place can only hold up 50 people Fashion place: This is only available for girls.Here they can dress fairies and make a fashion show. If they do the best performance they can win a day free at the park. In the center of the room there is a catwalk, so there girls can make their fashion show. The cat walk is 10 meters. Rollercoaster: This rollercoaster is around the castle. It can hold up 50 people per lap. Each car, can have 3 people. They are really safety , people must use their seat belts. Each car has the form of mushroom and has lots of glitter. Lake:
  5. 5. The lake has an area of 500 meters. Is it not really deep but you must be careful. There is a lake with 4 boats that can drive you into castle. The boats are pink, and can be run by an engine or by rowing. Restrooms: There are two places for going to the restrooms. There are 8 restrooms. Each restroom has 1 toilet. Also each restroom has a mirror and a sinks. Moreover, there are trash bins and toilet paper. Burger’s Shore: Here people can buy their burguers, French fries and soda. Prices: Burguers: 4 dollars French Fries: 4 dollars Soda: 4 dollars Candy shop It is a small stand along the corridor that leads people to the lake. Here you can buy cotton candy, candies, lollipops, chocolates, candy apples, etc Prices: Cotton candy: 1 dollar Candies: 0.25 dollars Lollipops: 0.50 dollars Chocolates: 1 dollar Candy apples: 1 dollar Guidance:
  6. 6. This is a place where you can ask for information and help when kids get lost