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Social Media at Sun Microsystems: Director's Cut


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Enhanced for the 2009 Social Networking Conference in Miami, this presentation includes tips for businesses wanting to incorporate social into their marketing plans.

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Social Media at Sun Microsystems: Director's Cut

  1. 1. Social Media at Sun Microsystems (Director’s Cut) Lou Ordorica  − Community Manager  Sun Microsystems, Inc.
  2. 2. Is Social Media a Fad? Sun Confidential: Internal Only 2
  3. 3. Social Media is Transformative People connecting using technology to get the things they need from each other, bypassing traditional institutions like corporations. — Groundswell, Li and Bernoff Sun Confidential: Internal Only 3
  4. 4. Then and Now Sun Confidential: Internal Only 4
  5. 5. Then and Now Sun Confidential: Internal Only 5
  6. 6. Then and Now Sun Confidential: Internal Only 6
  7. 7. Then and Now Sun Confidential: Internal Only 7
  8. 8. Social Media – Vision “...every single human being posting their thoughts and experiences in any number of ways to the Internet.” Fred Wilson “ Social media is here to stay.” Mary Smaragdis Sun Confidential: Internal Only 8
  9. 9. Can Social Media Improve Our Business? Fostering ecosystems around your work • Forging work relationships and alliances • Connecting with customers • Buddying up to the competition • Generating new business • Organically form teams • Collaborating on projects • Sun Confidential: Internal Only 9
  10. 10. Fostering Ecosystems: Sun Java Communications Suite Wiki • Improve communication • Attract new customers, collaborators • Drive efficiency, accuracy, improve quality Sun Confidential: Internal Only 10
  11. 11. “Using as the platform for the Comms Suite documentation has been nothing short of a revolution for us” Jim Parkinson Vice President, Developer Tools & Services Sun Confidential: Internal Only 11
  12. 12. Forging Work Relationships and Alliances: Facebook Fridays • Sumaya Kazi, owner • Self-expression, communication, and entertainment • 1,424 members • Started for Sun Employees, now open to all Sun Confidential: Internal Only 12
  13. 13. Socially Speaking Podcast • Sumaya Kazi, host • Feature luminaries in Web 2.0 and Social Media • Drives awareness of Sun’s brand, supports campaigns Sun Confidential: Internal Only 13
  14. 14. Connecting with Customers: Blogging • Engineers connecting with customers • Accelerate problem solving • Enable access to expertise • Customer testimonials • Real-time feedback loops Sun Confidential: Internal Only 14
  15. 15. “ blogs are better than any marketing Sun could have ever done or has ever done; they expose the true heroes and geniuses behind Solaris and Sun” UX-Admin via Paul Robert’s Blog Sun Confidential: Internal Only 15
  16. 16. Buddying Up to the Competition: Dell on Twitter : Follow Us Sun Confidential: Internal Only 16
  17. 17. Generating New Business: Customer Reviews • Trusted peer evaluations • Drives sales through customer evangelism • Enables feedback loops Sun Confidential: Internal Only 17
  18. 18. Organically Form Teams: Blogging • Work the network to recruit • Identify qualified candidates faster • References come to you • Accelerate the hiring process Sun Confidential: Internal Only 18
  19. 19. Collaborating on Projects: OpenSource Sun Confidential: Internal Only 19
  20. 20. Reality Check • You are in less control than ever before > People you don’t know are influencing perception about your brand • Memes (good or bad) can form and spread quickly > Your reaction time is hours, sometimes minutes • The time for just talking about social media is past > Competitors are aggressively experimenting and embracing social marketing • Not all social initiatives at Sun succeed > And it’s usually not about tools ... Sun Confidential: Internal Only 20
  21. 21. Where to Start? • Set a goal: become self-confident in understanding, using, and applying social media • Know the ground rules. Be all these things: Authentic > Transparent > Trustworthy > Open > • Don’t get fired! > Sun Guidelines on Public Discourse • Be honest with yourself, recognize and respect your limits. Sun Confidential: Internal Only 21
  22. 22. Listening Be a part of the conversations that matter • Brand monitoring can help—many services are free • Sit down and list keywords for your business • Search using your keywords, and refine results • > Google Blogs > twitter > YouTube > > • Tag the bloggers, communities, profiles that count Sun Confidential: Internal Only 22
  23. 23. Identify the Influencers • Identify the initiators and influentials, and follow them • Social initiators > Pride themselves on building buzz and brand awareness > Powerful. Many social connections, push memes outward that spread virally — top “diggers” • Classic influentials > Early adopters, natural influencers, “pull” vs. push — bloggers who write reviews • Their clout can seed early part of purchase funnel • Don’t be swayed completely — not representative of the whole Sun Confidential: Internal Only 23
  24. 24. Engage the Influencers • Establish an online presence, and build relationships Subscribe to their blog, web site, profile > Follow them on a social network (friending) > Add value by commenting and replying > Forward noteworthy conversations to your network > • Track their influence over time • Subtlety engage the influentials > Ask opinions on competitors, market, products > Offer demos and privileged access > Provide opportunities to review products and services for free Sun Confidential: Internal Only 24
  25. 25. The Social Circle • Elevate the status and influence of your brand twitter Blog wikipedia inbound links trackbacks and comments inbound links blogroll reddit Your Blog Blog Blog Blog Blog inbound digg Product links Page inbound links Blog delicious blogosphere Web facebook Sun Confidential: Internal Only 25
  26. 26. Starting a Social Initiative • Ask the tough questions first: > What does success look like (what is the ROI)? > What is the strategy — how do I build on success? > What are the shared interests and passions of my audience? > Am I willing to take risks, cede control, and deal with unknowns? > Do I have an executive champion? > Am I ready for a long-term effort? Sun Confidential: Internal Only 26
  27. 27. Back to Basics 1. Define social objectives > What do you intend to accomplish? 2.Understand your audience > Build profiles around their participation preferences 3.Staff for success > Choose experience and skilled planners and managers 4.Choose the right technologies for your strategy > Based on your objectives, with clear metrics Sun Confidential: Internal Only 27
  28. 28. Define Social Objectives • Identify your business objectives. Examples: Demand / lead generation > Reduced support costs > Market research > Brand awareness > • Assign metrics. Examples: > % increased pagerank > % increased memberships / connections > % decreased incidental support requests Sun Confidential: Internal Only 28
  29. 29. Understand Your Audience • Forrester Social Technographics® Sun Confidential: Internal Only 29
  30. 30. Choose the Right Technology Tool Description Notes publish your weblog Sun employees and interns only technology discussions Customer facing, private, and internal-only rich media file sharing Uploads for Sun employees only collaborative publishing Employees, partners, customers, students Channel Sun video Uploads for Sun employees only community aggregate web feeds self-service RSS builder Sun Learning Exchange Open to Sun employees and customers Sun Confidential: Internal Only 30
  31. 31. Choose the Right Technology Tool Description Notes twitter SMS social network Mobile-device enabled. Sun feeds available. Sun fan pages established, with Zembly- facebook Social network service built applications Business contacts, Sun Microsystems and other corporate linkedin introductions, and expertise groups Sun owns an island, regular events and second life Virtual world training available del•icio•us Social bookmarking Linked to on most pages Social news Linked to on most pages Social application Widgets, Facebook, iPhone apps — check zembly development community out Beijing Olympics 08! Sun Confidential: Internal Only 31
  32. 32. Tips • Consider the places where your audience are today Are they communicating like mad on twitter? > Are they supporting each other on Sun Forums? > Are they building expertise on Sun Wikis? > Are they self-expressing and entertaining each other on > Facebook? • Carefully consider if your objective can be met by integrating into existing communities • If you must start a social initiative, follow the guidelines > Save money and time by leveraging Sun expertise, tools, and platforms Sun Confidential: Internal Only 32
  33. 33. Building an Online Community with an External Partner • White label social networks are gaining in popularity > Offer branded experiences that are feature rich > Address needs not met by in-house tools, platforms, and expertise • At minimum, ensure: > Protection of online relationships—integrate with existing customer databases > Guarantees that all data—especially member created content—belongs to your company, and is portable > Your company actively engaged through participation and community management Sun Confidential: Internal Only 33
  34. 34. Social Media Resources and People Facebook Fridays — Sumaya Kazi • Socially Speaking — Sumaya Kazi • Web Strategist — Jeremiah Owyang • Read / Write Web — Marshall Kirkpatrick • Mashable — Pete Cashmore • Sun Confidential: Internal Only 34
  35. 35. A Little Knowledge Can Be Dangerous ... • Want to learn more? Think about: > Integrating social elements in your marketing initiatives > Building effective listening tools, identifying influencers, spotting trends Making online social interactions part of your work life > Understanding your audience and building social > experiences tailored for them Effective community management > Leveraging external social networking services > Sun Confidential: Internal Only 35
  36. 36. Community Manager Lou Ordorica’s contact info: • Twitter: • Email: • LinkedIn: • 36