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Geh Denken Alliance


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Published in: Spiritual, News & Politics
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Geh Denken Alliance

  1. 1. 14 February 2009, Dresden The GEH DENKEN alliance... ... against the largest gathering of theEuropean right-wing extremist movement
  2. 2. 1. The victim myth of Dresden2. The neonazi marches3. The GEH DENKEN alliance
  3. 3. Dresden – Platform for the largest yearly neonazi demonstration On 14 February 2009, 7.500 neo-nazis from all over Germany and Europe participated in the largest neo- nazi demonstration in the post-war history.8000 75007000 HALBE: Remembrance of honour 6000 5700 60006000 5000 WUNSIEDEL: Rudolf Hess march5000 BUDAPEST: Day of Honour40003000 2700 DRESDEN: Mourning march2000 JENA: Festival of the People1000 0 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
  4. 4. “Bombing Holocaust“ - The victim myth13/14 February 1945:Dresden was bombed by the Allies, 25.000 people were killed,the city centre completely destroyed.Nazi propaganda:begin of the “myth of Dresden”: Dresden as an innocent victimof “anglo-american air gangsters“GDR ideology:anti-imperialistic GDR followsthe myth idea: Dresdenperceived as “senselesslydestroyed“ city1990s:Neonazis adopted the mythto relativise the nazi crimes:“German Hiroshima“,“bombing holocaust“ “Bombing Holocaust never again!” NPD Saxony
  5. 5. Silent commemoration?! The city`s official remembrance concept lacks a clear stand against right-wing extremism and allows RWEs to take over places and topics of remembrance. A group of Neonazis at the “silent remembrance“ on the Heide cemetery, February 2008Wreath of the extreme right NPD covers wreath of the CentralConsistory of Jews in Germany, February 2009
  6. 6. Neonazi march, 14 February 2009The largest post-war neonazi demonstration
  7. 7. Neonazi march, 14 February 2009 Revisionism„250.000 Germans died in the hell ofDresden. Where is their memorial?“NPD Wunsiedel „Yesterday Dresden – today Gaza. Bring the murderers to justice!“ NPD Dresden
  8. 8. Neonazi march, 14 February 2009 International participation
  9. 9. Neonazi march, 14 February 2009 International participationMany international delegations participated in last yearsmarches, including members of the “European National Front“. Great Britain: British National Party Belgium: Groen Rechts Italy: Veneto Fronte Skinheads Czechia: Národní odpor Slovakia: Slovenská pospolitost Spain: Alianca Nacional Bulgaria: Gvardia Greece: Golden Dawn Portugal: Frente Nacional Hungary: Vérés Becsület Kulturális Egyesület
  10. 10. GEH DENKEN Call for action GEH DENKEN – Go and think! A clear STOP to right-wing extremism 14 February 2009 Dresden Let’s stop the biggest nazi march of Europe – peacefully and determined! All over Germany and Europe, we appeal to stop the right- wing extremists peacefully and determined in Dresden. We call for demonstrations and rallies on 14th February 2009.More
  11. 11. GEH DENKEN Alliance & preparatory groupCivil society organisations: Democratic parties:Amadeu Antonio Foundation, Social Democratic Party ofAction Reconciliation Service for Germany Dresden, The LeftPeace, Campaign Loud against Dresden, Green Party DresdenNazis, Kulturbüro Sachsen,RAA Sachsen Church / JewishTrade union: community:German Federation Superintendentof Trade Unions Dresden-centre,Dresden Jewish Community Dresden Supporters: - more than 200 prominent initial signatories of the call for action - all in all 1.000 signers during the campaign - international support: UNITED, YHRM
  12. 12. GEH DENKENCounteractions
  13. 13. GEH DENKENCounteractions
  14. 14. GEH DENKENCounteractions
  15. 15. GEH DENKENCounteractions
  16. 16. GEH DENKENCounteractions
  17. 17. GEH DENKENCounteractions
  18. 18. GEH DENKEN Evaluation+ impressive signal against right-wing extremism+ 10.000 counter- demonstrators+ neonazis had to change their marching route + wide support of the call for action + successful coverage in local, national and international media
  19. 19. GEH DENKEN Evaluation - biggest nazi march since 1945 (7.500 participants) - city mayor, CDU, Lutheran Church of Saxony refused to take part in GEH DENKEN- peaceful protest along the nazi route was suppressed- de-escalation strategy of police failed: no adequate protection of / rigid action against GEH DENKEN demonstrators- at least five serious neonazi attacks
  20. 20. See you at GEH DENKEN 2010!