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Emotional Technology & How Ideas Spread


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Slides from my Techmesh presentation at The Rose Bowl, Leed Metropolitan University on Thursday 8th March 2012. The theme was the often neglected need for emotion in marketing campaigns in order to make products, services and ideas succeed and spread.

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Emotional Technology & How Ideas Spread

  1. 1. Emotional Technology + How Ideas Spread @lordlancaster @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  2. 2. Everything starts with an idea (the rest is just detail) @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  3. 3. Each new product or service begins with: • Imagination • Creativity • Excitement • Enthusiasm • Belief @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  4. 4. Over time… too manymeetings, discussionsand amends suck thelife out of what wasonce pure & inspiring! @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  5. 5. At launch, you’realready feeling jaded,de-motivated & boredwith the product - justwhen you need to be atyour most enthusiastic! @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  6. 6. The Answer? • Speed to launch • Less talk, more action • Avoid decision by committee • Stay close to the original vision • Fall in love with the product @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  7. 7. Vision & Speed• Named after the domino effect (one powerful ideaspreads down the line from person to person)• Cutting out the middle man (in this case the publisher)• Rapid time to market (‘Anything You Want’ = 12 weeks)• Short, pacy books (Designed to be read in under 1hr)• Domino Project Street Team. (Rewarding the sneezers)
  8. 8. Domino Project Street Team
  9. 9. Pillow Talk @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  10. 10. Whether it’s B2C or B2B, people want: • Inspiration • Storytelling • Solutions • Beauty & emotion @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  11. 11. Think like Don Draper @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk
  12. 12. NO EMAIL DAY @NoEmailDayHQ
  13. 13. Everything starts with an idea (the rest is just detail) @lordlancaster @plandigitaluk