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The Gift of Magi


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The Gift of Magi

  1. 1. Presented by: Palaña, Lordinni Laraya, Mario Mamauag, Kei Gonzales Jacob Raymar
  2. 2. Author’s Background William Sydney Porter  American Writer  Born: September 11, 1862  Greensboro North Carolina  Died: June 5, 1910 (47 yrs. Old)  Pen name: O. Hendry, Olivier Henry, Oliver Henry Style: known for his wit, wordplay, warm characterization, and clever twist endings.
  3. 3. Characters: Della- a loving, warm, selfless, and devoted woman to her husband. Jim- he is the husband of Della who works long hours but the salary is low. Madame Sofronie- the owner of a hair shop where Della sold her hair.
  4. 4. Summary Della is married to Jim and they live in a shabby flat house. They were poor but they love each other. It is Christmas time and she wants to give Jim a nice Christmas gift but she only have $1.87 she does not have much money. When she sees herself in the mirror, she found a solution. Della goes to Madame Sofranie’s store and sells her beautiful hair for $20. With her new funds, Della is able to find Jim the perfect present: an elegant platinum watch chain costs $21. When Della got home she prepares dinner. Jim arrives home and stares fixedly at her then found out that Della’s hair was gone. After a while Jim gives her a gift, the gift is a fancy combs she’s wanted for a long time but now it has no use for her. Jim tells her that he sold his watch to pay for her Christmas gift. Then Della gives him her present, a watch chain. Jim told Della to put away their presents to have their dinner.
  5. 5. Review  It was Christmas eve and Della wants to buy a Christmas present for her husband but she only has $1.87.  Della sells her hair.  Della gets the money to buy Jim a great present by selling her hair.  When Jim arrives, he doesn't seem to react well: he stares at Della and can't seem to process that her hair is gone.  When Jim snaps out of his shock, he tells Della that his reaction will make sense when Della opens the present he bought her.  When Della opens Jim's present and find the combs, we understand why Jim was so shocked. It also becomes clear now that he's not angry with Della, and he assures her he will love her no matter how she looks.  Della gives Jim the watch chain.  Presented with his gift, Jim calmly reveals (with a smile) that he sold his watch to buy Della her combs. So her present is useless too. Well, that does it for the Christmas presents.  The narrator tells us that it doesn't really matter that Jim and Della's presents turned out to be useless. They are the wisest givers of all – in fact, they're the magi. We leave feeling satisfied and happy.  The story tells us the unconditional love of Della and Jim for each other. They are generous and willing to sacrifice everything just to make their partner happy.
  6. 6. Symbols Gold The gold of the watch may symbolize several things: love, purity, money (which the couple lacks), and eternity (gold does not rust or tarnish). Some interpreters believe that because it is a Christmas story, the gold in this tale symbolizes divinity, such as Jesus or God himself. Watch The watch in the story can represent time, the future (which the couple hopes to spend together), the end of the year, or eternity. It may represent the couple's transition from starry-eyed youths to mature and generous individuals Hair The young wife's hair in the story can symbolize many things: youth (young women generally wear their hair longer), vitality and sexuality. In a way, by giving up her hair, the woman in the story is agreeing to give her youth, sexuality, and "best years of her life" to her husband.
  7. 7. Combs The combs are a symbol of the young husband's love for his wife, as he gave up his most precious possession so that his wife would be happy and beautifully adorned. Chain Like the combs, the watch chain is a symbol of the wife's love for her husband. She has just as much emotional attachment to her hair as he did to his watch. Yet she gave it up willingly to purchase the one thing she thought would bring her husband happiness. The chain may also symbolize their marriage, an institution that provides a "link" between two people. Christmas Since the story takes place at Christmastime, the season can be said to represent the original Magi, who were wise men who visited the Baby Jesus. Reports differ as to whether they were actually present at the birth, or arrived afterwards. Regardless, sources generally agree that they brought gold, frankincense and myrrh -- valuable items in the ancient world.
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  9. 9. Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. Confucius