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Workshop on git


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Organized by National Institute of Technology Calicut ACM Students Chapter.

Published in: Education, Technology
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Workshop on git

  1. 1. Hands on Workshop
  2. 2. Organized by NIT Calicut ACM Students Chapter
  3. 3. Govind Maheswaran • • • Chair, NIT Calicut ACM Students Chapter Foodaholic Web Developer, Pythonista. Experience using git for 4-5 years.
  4. 4. Version Control What is git? Why git? Getting around git. Hands on Contents
  5. 5. “ Nobody actually creates perfect code the first time around, except me. But there's only one of me. LINUS TORVALDS VERSION CONTROL ”
  6. 6. How many of you have seen a folder with files named in this manner..?
  7. 7. My Web Design Experiences  HTML and CSS files. Changes made to files are then interpreted in browsers.  Any major change called for a backup.  Used zipping.  Practical Concerns..?  More Critical as number of contributors increase.
  8. 8. Revision Control  Save not just contents, but also the changes.  Make the changes accessible.  Make the changes editable, and have the ability to rollback.  In short, Make the changes more manageable
  9. 9. Getting Technical  Version Control systems are very critical for projects.  Bigger the project, higher the importance.  Save the files, along with changes, and who made the changes.  Make the changes manageable.
  10. 10. More Technical  Repository  Working Copy  Locking Issues. Performance Issues. Concurrency Issues.
  11. 11. “ I'm an egotistical b*st*rd, and I name all my projects after myself. First Linux, now git. LINUS TORVALDS What is git? ”
  12. 12. git is a distributed revision control and source code management (SCM) system with an emphasis on speed.
  13. 13. git  Version Control System, Source code management system  Made by Linus Torvalds, the creator of Linux.  In 2005.  Made mainly for tracking Linux Kernel Development  Bitkeeper + Monotone + Chemical X = git.
  14. 14. Adding technicality..  2 data structures  : Mutable. Stores till commit.   Index Objects : Append only. 4 object types  Blob : Actual Files  Tree : Hierarchy among files  Commit : Makes sense among versions. Just a link of trees.  Tag : Metadata
  15. 15. “ git actually has a simple design, with stable and reasonably well-documented data structures and I think it's one of the reasons git has been fairly successful LINUS TORVALDS Why git? ”
  16. 16. Why Git.  Heavily Distributed   Supports non-linear pipelining   Multiple people, multiple files. Compatibility with existing systems.   Every repo has full copy. HTTP, SSH, git protocol. You say it, git has got it. Security  Cryptographic hash is used to ensure integrity
  17. 17. “ We wanted a place where people could easily share Git repositories and also learn more about Git – a Git hub, if you will. CHRIS WANSTRATH Getting Around git. ”
  18. 18. Git Workflow
  19. 19. Git Commands git config --global “Name“ git config --global .gitignore git init git status git add . git add <filenames> git rm <filenames> git commit git commit –m “Commit Message” git log git commit –a –m “Commit Message” git clone git:// git add . git commit –m “Message” git push origin git branch <branchname> checkout branchname git checkout master git diff master branch git reset git revert git checkout <commit> -- <filename>
  20. 20. Thank You…