Week three hrm meeting


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Week three hrm meeting

  1. 1. WEEK THREEHUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENTCLASSJobClassifications. So many positions and types of jobs where to begin?
  2. 2. Agenda WeekThree Assignments WeekThreeWriting Assignment-worth 70points WeekThree Discussions: worth 40 points How toWrite a Persuasive Essay Turn in all late assignments Print up lecture notes to help prepare for yourfinal exam
  3. 3. Week Three Writing Assignment Please write at least 50 words per question and include your in textcitations from your book. Be sure to follow the guidelines of academicwriting for proper grammar, structure and spelling. Questions for Review Page 177-178 1. Describe the eight-step selection process. 2. What is meant by a “reliable and valid” selection process? 3. What is a legal employee selection process? How does that differfrom an illegal one? 4. What is a weighted application form? How does it work? 5. Contrast work samples with the assessment center. 6. What are the major problems of the interview as a selectiondevice?What can HRM do to reduce some of these problems? 7. What effect should a realistic job preview have on a new hiresattitude and behavior? 8. Why should HRM conduct a background investigation? 9. Define the concepts of reliability and validity.What are the threetypes of validity?Why are we concerned about reliability and validity?
  4. 4. Week Three Discussions Organization Analysis -What is SWOTanalysis and why is it important? Job Analysis-You are the HR Manager for asmall company and the president of thecompany has asked you to come up with aprocess of evaluating all positions to ensurethey are properly classified. How would youset up this job analysis?
  5. 5. How to Write a Persuasive Essay A persuasive essay makes a convincing argument in favor of or inopposition to an issue. Unlike a factual essay, a persuasive essayemploys bias, or takes a side, in a carefully-argued point of view. Lets take those everyday situations and shape them into amodel.Think before you speak or write, and outline yourthoughts: State your case. Listen to the answer. Respond with specifics. Offer good, factual supportingevidence or information. Be respectful, and avoid personal attacks. Stay on the subject. Sum up your case.
  6. 6. Persuasive Essay Part Two Organization:The Anatomy of Persuasion The keys to an effective persuasive essay are organization and support.Some refer to the structure with the acronym POSSE, which stands for: Position/Thesis Organization Support Style Effective Conclusion Others see the structure as consisting of an introduction/thesisstatement, the body, and conclusion. Either way, an effective opinion orpersuasive essay must accomplish the following: Clearly state your purpose and opinion. State a main point of argument. Communicate the basic idea of that argument, with supportingevidence, and offer informed rebuttal of opposing views.
  7. 7. Persuasive Essay Part ThreeOthers see the structure as consisting of an introduction/thesis statement, the body, andconclusion. Either way, an effective opinion or persuasive essay must accomplish thefollowing:Clearly state your purpose and opinion.State a main point of argument.Communicate the basic idea of that argument, with supporting evidence, and offerinformed rebuttal of opposing views.Position/Thesis Statement: ExpressYourselfThe thesis statement is the "mind" of your essay. Everything else must point back to it, totruly make the best case. Generally, it should be one or two sentences long.The mind works best when organized. Ask yourself some questions before you write yourthesis statement, and take the time to clarify the answers:"What am I going to discuss?""How will I argue and support my views?""Which reasons will I give? Do I have evidence?"
  8. 8. Persuasive Essay Tips FourEffective phrases for transition: Effective phrases for emphasis: "Regarding" "Admittedly" "Consequently" "As a result" "Ultimately" "According to" "For this reason" "Moreover" "In fact" "Additionally" "For example" "In point of fact" "As a matter of fact" "Indeed"
  9. 9. Persuasive Essay Tips FiveEffective phrases forcounterpoint:Conclusion and checklist "Conversely" "On the other hand" "However" "Nevertheless" "Notwithstanding" "Nonetheless" "Yet" "Despite" "Although" "Instead" Does the author demonstrate anunderstanding of the opposingarguments? Does the author counter thearguments with a rebuttal? Are remarks thoughtful andrespectful? Is the essay organized? Is the essay convincing? Do all of the paragraphs worktogether to support the essaysthesis? Restate your thesis Is the conclusion sound andstrong?
  10. 10. How To Use O’Net and other HRWebsites to your advantage http://online.onetcenter.org http://www.nsc.org/Pages/Home.aspx http://www.osha.gov
  11. 11. Take Advantage of the Sources to Improveyour Academic Writing Go to Course Home, then Click on StudentTutoring You can set up an appointment with a tutor to help you. We ALL need help with our writing.While incollege it’s a great way to improve it. To pay out of pocket is quite costly.