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Week one hrm presentation


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Week one hrm presentation

  1. 1. Ms. Pezzell
  2. 2. Hello, Im Lora Benson-Pezzell, faculty member at Carrington CollegeCalifornia. I am very excited to be here and share my knowledge andexpertise with you! This presentation will answer some questions you mayhave about taking an online class.Picture of me and my son at a birthday party last October.Introduction
  3. 3. 1. Class OverviewA. SyllabusB. DeadlinesC. How to do DiscussionsAgenda
  4. 4. • Go to Course Home, then click on Syllabus:• Course objectives and Assignments• How to submit assignments• How to label files• Discussion Board Guidelines• Grading Policies• Late Assignment Policy• Attendance Policy• Grading Rubrics• Student Learning Outcomes• Course Schedule• Due Dates for Assignments and Exams•Syllabus
  5. 5. • Unless otherwise specified, the following applies:• Access to most weeks begins on Sunday at 12:01 a.m. (MT).• All assignments are to be submitted on or before Sunday at the end ofthe specified week that they are due, by 11:59 p.m. (MT).• All discussions, homework, writing assignments, quizzes and exams areto be completed on or before Sunday at the end of the specified weekthat they open, by 11:59 p.m. (MT). Discussions close each week.YouCANNOT go back and add to a previous week. Please e-mail for a makeup assignment.• NOTE: All assignments and exams must be completed by 11:59 p.m. (MT)Sunday of Week 6. If you need to do a make up assignment or add to yourdiscussions, please e-mail to make arrangements.• eCollege is on Mountain StandardTime since their offices are located inColorado. Just keep it in mind if you are night owl and work late.Deadlines
  6. 6. • Participation is earned in this online class by responding to discussionquestions each week. Each week contains a discussion board, which isdesigned to explore the contents of the class and develop yourcollaborative skills. Discussions are graded upon:• Frequency -You are required to post on three separate days in each of thegraded threads.You should make your first post in each graded thread nolater than Wednesday of each week. Discussions will always close onSunday, 11:59 PM Mountain Time of each week.• Quality – Each post should be of a high quality.• Please see your syllabus for Discussion• Quality MeasurementsHow to do Discussions
  7. 7. Examples of high quality posts include:continuing the discussion by adding additional information;elaborating on previous comments from others;presenting explanations of concepts or methods to help fellow students;presenting reasons for or against a topic in a persuasive fashion;sharing personal experiences that relate to the topic; andproviding a URL and an explanation for an area you researched on theInternet. See Doc Sharing for a sample APA web link format.High Quality Discussion
  8. 8. You have meaningful interaction with other participants postings. Posts thatstate "I agree" or "I disagree" include an explanation of what is disagreed oragreed upon and why, or they introduce an argument that adds to thediscussion. However, you may have rambling, lengthy posts that show nosign of having been re-read and refined before posting, and your writingsuffers lack of clarity and comprehension.Your posts demonstrate someconfidence with the materials but may be just a bit off target in one area oranother.Medium Quality Discussions
  9. 9. You will receive little credit in the weeks discussion if you just show up andmake trivial comments, without adding any new thought to the discussion. Atthe low end of the spectrum, not participating gets a zero. If you are not in thediscussion, you do not earn any points.It is expected that you use correct grammar and punctuation in your Discussionposts. In addition, please avoid using text message speak (e.g. lol, rofl, brb).Please be respectful of your fellow students and your professor. Remember,even an innocent remark in the online environment can be misconstrued.Therefore, proofread your responsescarefully before you post them to makesure that others will not take them as personal attacks.Low Quality Discussion
  10. 10. Any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at: lpezzell@carrington.eduMy office hours are Monday to Thursday at 916-684-9605, you can leave avoice message there if you wish. If you call in the evening, please call andjust leave a message. I will return your call in the morning.Reach out to other classmates, this is a good way to network.I hope this meeting was helpful.Next, screen sharing.Conclusion