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  1. 1.   LORAN GROUP <ul><li>MARBLES </li></ul><ul><li>GRANITES </li></ul><ul><li>LIME STONES </li></ul><ul><li>SAND STONES </li></ul><ul><li>MOSAICS </li></ul><ul><li>SLATES </li></ul>KITCHEN TOP BATHROOM VANITIES FLOORING WALL CLADDING
  2. 2. THE POLICY LORAN GROUP Since its formation, the LORAN with its past experience, vast knowledge of the business, hard work, dedication to the service and sincere efforts, sooner recognized itself as one of the largest stockiest of all kinds of marbles and granites in this part of the world, mainly for the wholesale supply to the marble factories. Over the period of time LORAN has added all the possible colors from around the world to its list of stocks. Today it stocks more than 100 colors of marbles & granites from ITALY, INDIA, SPAIN, GREECE, PORTUGAL, BRAZIL, CHINA, EGYPT, OMAN, PAKISTAN and TURKEY, so as to provide complete range of natural stone under one roof to its valued customers. Therefore in LORAN one can find all the popular colors available in ready stock in different sizes, such as random slabs (2cm and 3cm thickness), standard tiles 60x30x2cm and 60x60x2cm, Kitchen Top (60cm wide), steps & risers. THE PERFORMANCE Ever since its foundation, it has been the policy of the company to stock quality materials with correct specification of middle east market, such as exact 20mm or 30mm thickness of slabs, uniformity in thickness, controlled variation in colors etc. This in turn helps its customers to complete their projects successfully on time, avoiding delays in approval from consultants. Resulting, today LORAN enjoys the reputation of having stock of high quality materials at most competitive prices. This has been possible due to companies own manufacturing base in India and strong tie ups with major giants of stone industry, all over the world especially in Italy, Spain, China and Brazil .
  3. 3. LORAN GROUP THE PRODUCT Large quantities of marbles and granites are available in ready stock for immediate delivery in U.A.E. and other neighboring,countries,like,Qatar,Oman,,Bahrain,and Kuwait. LORAN offers Gang saw slabs and cutter slabs in both 2cm and 3cm thickness. The standard tiles of 30x60x2cm are available in most of the colors and in some colors 60x60x2cm and 40x40x2 cm tiles are also available. Readymade Steps/ Risers and readymade kitchen top (60cm wide) are also available in fast moving colors.
  4. 4. LORAN GROUP FOR CONTRACTING AND DECORATION firm is led by, chairman Mr:khaled abdel- halim .our team comprises of hard working individuals who work as a cohesive body to produce the best possible results in execution of the construction work handed over to us. we believe in surpassing expectations to ensure our clients best intrests.through each process of the complete services provided by our organization, we maintain and set the industry standards for professionalism and integrity. Our goal is to ensure that our clients achieve their goals. Our company works closely with the clients to ensure a quality project through the preparation of detailed and comprehensive project budgets and construction schedules. We develop the most beneficial sequence of construction to meet the needs of the client. Loran contracting performs a detailed review of the construction goals. Works done in cooperation with the client ensures that we will yield better execution and a supreme result. With our experience, we have a thorough under standing of the special needs of our clients for accuracy in the budgeting, scheduling and execution of the construction projects, Making us one of the efficient contractors in the market. CHAIRMAN MESSAGE LORAN GROUP
  5. 5. BOARD MESSAGE   Design innovation, styling leader ship, emphases on the finest quality and superior services, within a family like environment are what we offer for our clients.   We believe that good design evolves from a base of under standing of the clients sense and needs.   Our knowledge is always working to bring you design that surpass your expectations and we will assure you of an exclusive design that will respect your budget and meet your every needs. Were committed to your satisfaction. Loran team   LORAN GROUP
  6. 6. BACK ROUND The loran group has been offering the best design services in architecture, interior design work,planning,landscapping,marble and granite, project management since in 2005 HISTORY We have been working to uphold our reputation over two decades. the company started off in Egypt in the year 1989. We have evolved into the present LORAN DECORATION in Dubai since 2005 and have worked with many esteemed firms through the years. LORAN GROUP
  7. 8. EGYPTION GRANITE COLLECTION Red Of Aswan (Dark) Nefertiti's Gem Rosa Nasr Fersan Hurghada Aswan Noir Yellow Ghazal
  8. 9. Green Ghazal Halaybian Diamond Green Ghazal Halaybian Diamond Glory Gray Sinai Shabah Safagian Pearl Gandonna (Ramsis's Stone)
  9. 10. khatamiya zamzam EGYPTION MARBLE COLLECTION Galala Light Galala Classico Sunny Selvia Light Selvia Dark Teriesta Pyramid Hatshapsut's Spirit Golden Cream Royal ring Golden sinai
  10. 11. KITCHEN WORK TOP Kitchen is a central place in every house, where all the family members spend some time every day. It is also a place where natural stone can be used for decoration, e.g. as a material for kitchen furniture. Natural stone gives a bathroom or a kitchen a noble and extraordinary character. Granite and marble kitchen countertops are more and more popular; they are very decorative, resistant to high temperatures (you can put a hot pan or pot onto the countertop), water, corrosive chemicals and abrasion. They are easy to keep clean and tidy. Wide range of colours, unlimited choice of patterns, easy installation and conservation and at most of all precise finishing and the highest quality of stones are our advantages appreciated by our clients, which is well represented by constantly growing sales figures. The promotion of stone countertops as high quality products with natural, ecological style is very successful and it is a very good moment for such products, since nowadays everybody cares about health and ecology. We also offer undermounted sinks produced by FRANKE, TEKA, BLANCO companies. EDGES
  12. 14. Enjoying living is a target in itself. Doing that we try hard to design a place were some one finds the feelings of belonging and possession, privacy and hospitality. Some where that got the natural lighting and ventilation. A tranquil quite place, that enables the conducting of vast activities. Being home yet feeling luxurious is a dream of many people. LORAN GROUP
  14. 16. LORAN GROUP
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  17. 19. LORAN GROUP
  18. 20. Mesr el gadida, eygypt 71 nabil street, ard el golf Mob :( 0020)100003618 , (0020)100034678 Al nakheel,,ras al khaimah Pobox:34812, Tel : 07-2334963, fax: 07:2334964 Mobile: 0097150 5020261, Mobile: 0097155 3269456 EGYPT CAIRO UANAITED ARAB EMIRATES