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Jan lekszycki parallels-automation-platform-overview-sep10

  1. 1. Parallels Automation – Executive Summary Jan Lekszycki, Sales Manager Hosting Eastern Europe Oct. 2010
  2. 2. Parallels at a Glance
  3. 3. Parallels Automation Momentum 3 • Over 500 companies with over 1,500 automation modules • Sites:‘04 – 75 ‘05 – 120 ‘06 – 200 ‘07 – 350 ’08 – 500 Telco/ ISP Mass Market Hosting ’09 – 700+ VAR & SaaS ISV
  4. 4. Parallels Value Proposition to Telcos & Hosters • Grow revenue and profit • Increase revenue and customer share of wallet by upselling and cross-selling to existing customers • Expand market reach and potential • Improve existing services and develop new bundled services • Quickly launch new services • Stay ahead of changing market requirements and reduce churn • Run business operations with minimal staff and capital • Reduce operational costs and improve margins 4
  5. 5. SMB’s as End-Customers – what do they need from IT (I) ? 5
  6. 6. Parallels Automation: A Complete Solution
  7. 7. Parallels Operations Automation - Services & Infrastructure MS OCS
  8. 8. Reporting System Accounting System Helpdesk CRM Parallels Business Automation Big Picture Order Processing Taxation Workflow Engine Notifications Promos & Discounts Service Plan Manager E-Commerce Subscriptions Fraud Screening Resellers Parallels Operations Automation Service Plan Management Service Plan Management Service Plan Management Internal Provisioning System(s) SSL Gate Payment Gate License Gate Domain Gate Core External Services ERP System Internal Services Provisioning
  9. 9. Delegate admin – 4 Tiers of Control Panels Provider Control Panel Reseller Control Panel Customer Control Panel End User Control Panel • Manage Infrastructure • Manage Customers & Resellers • Manage Products • Order/Upgrade/Cancel Services • Review Payments & Invoices • Manage Users • Manage Resources • Manage Customers • Customize Products • Manage Services • Manage Contact Info • Request Support CutCosts
  10. 10. Parallels Business Automation: Capabilities • Services • One-Time and Recurring Charges • Define any kind of Product • Services/Prices defined at the Resource-Level • Product to Product Upgrades • Online Store • Customizable Storefront • Completely Brandable • Built using PBA API • Workflows • Customizable Order Flow • Automated and Manual Steps • System Event Handlers & Notifications EnableNewBusinessModels
  11. 11. Parallels Business Automation: Capabilities • Billing and Chargeback • Recurring Charges • One-time (Setup, Renewal, Transfer) • Customizable Billing Periods • Resource Usage Collection • Promotions and Discounts • Promo Codes, By Plan, Resource, Customer • Fixed Promotion Prices and Percentage Discounts • Promotion Periods • Reseller Management • Multiple levels of resellers • Branded online store and Control Panel • Resell Providers products or create their own EnableNewBusinessModels
  12. 12. Cloud Services Available today with Parallels Automation SaaS Delivery hundreds of applications as a service, based on APS Standard Microsoft Exchange Automated ordering, provisioning, billing, and control panels for Exchange 2003, 2007 + 2010, Plus Customer AD Integration Unified Communications Microsoft Office Communication Server (including R2/Voice) Mobile Access Messaging Security Message Archiving Microsoft SharePoint Automated ordering, provisioning, and billing for SharePoint sites. Integrated delivery with Exchange. Track users and site storage. MS Dynamics CRM Automated provisioning of Dynamics CRM accounts and users. Virtualized Services Offer VPS, VM’s and Desktops and cloud computing Dedicated Cloud Hosting Bare metal provisioning, IP address management, remote re-boot, and automated re-imaging from a customer control panel. Website Hosting Shared Webhosting on Windows (WBH) and Linux NG No system in the market does what PA does! Delegated Management of all IT and Services on Large Scale And Complete Back-office Automation SoftwareasaServiceInfrastructureas aService
  13. 13. Microsoft Enabled Solutions by Parallels Shared Web and Database Hosting Dedicated Hosting Virtual Desktops Virtual Servers/Cloud Hosted CRM Hosted Business Email and Collaboration Microsoft Online Services DNS Coming New
  14. 14. BPOS Syndication Module •Parallels Automation • Leading Cloud Services Delivery software from a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner • Automated provisioning and billing for BPOS Syndication • Plugs into a CSP’s existing billing and provisioning infrastructure •Why Parallels? • Time to Market: Providers get to market with BPOS in as little as 30-45 days • Profitable Bundles: Providers can easily create/modify bundles to maximize ARPU • New Services: Providers can quickly launch new MS Services with no additional work Parallels Automation Additional Services
  15. 15. Apache H2E Module Pro FTPD H2E Caching service H2E NSS plugin Web-Serverk sshdApache H2E Module Pro FTPD H2E Caching service H2E NSS plugin Web-Server1 sshd Linux Shared Hosting Module NG (Next Generation) • Load Balancer • Required for High Availability, Dynamic Load Redistribution and Seamless Capacity Management • Linux LVS can be used for cheap solution • Any load balancing devices that provide direct routing and sticky sessions are supported as well • Web-Servers • Every web-server can process requests for any site • Apache was chosen to utilize its specific features (.htaccess …) widely used in existing websites and required for seamless migration • Web-Servers are also handle FTP and SSH connections • DB Servers • Customers’ MySQL or PostgreSQL databases are handled by separate servers set • NFS Shared Storage • NFS3 file systems are used to store sites content; all file systems are mounted to all web-servers • Configuration Database • Configuration of all sites handled by system stored in Central configuration database Load BalancerLoad Balancer Sites’ configuration (SQL) Customers’ Databases MySQL PgSQL DB Servers Sites’ content (NFS3) HTTP(s) Requests Internet … H2E Cluster Components Configuration Database Conf.DBConf. DB Replica File system1 File systemm NFS Shared Storage … 15
  16. 16. Parallels SaaS Ecosystem Drives Customer Value Access to channel of service providers with access to 10M+ SMBs Utilize applications to increase customer ARPU and reduce churn 10M+ SMB Customers1000+ Service Providers100s of ISVs Applications that solve SMB business needs available through Marketplace and APS Catalog 16 visit www.apsstandard.org for more information!
  17. 17. Enables YOU to Be the “App Store” for SMB’s Easily make Solutions available to CSP’s Customers the APS Application Catalog Over 1 million downloads in past 12 months 17
  18. 18. 300+ SaaS Options and Growing, based on APS Visit the website of Parallels‘ Application Packaging Standard: www.apsstandard.org
  19. 19. eCommerce Hosting Module (ePages+APS) Instant delivery of Onlineshops for SMB‘s Full upsell path supported Advanced options for Enterprises Integration ability into ERP‘s, Delivery Services and so on..  Full provisioning & billing over Parallels Automation  Upsell path supportedMore information: www.epages.de
  20. 20. • Online backup software platform • Online Backup Client • Backup Server • To be integrated with Parallels Automation (POA & PBA) ! • For Service Providers • Branded or whitelabel software • Multi-tenant (3 layers) and scalable • Integrates with HMC and Active Directory • Available languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian and Polish • Backup-as-a-Service • SLA-based backup and recovery • Supports Desktops and Servers for backup • Support for all popular OS’s • Support MS Exchange and SQL Server Online Backup Module (BackupAgent + APS)
  21. 21. 21 Parallels helps its Partners become profitable providers of Cloud services Questions?