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522 Rubric


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Published in: Education
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522 Rubric

  1. 1. CATEGORY 20 15 10 5Background Background does Background does Background does Background makes not detract from not detract from not detract from it difficult to see text or other text or other text or other text or competes graphics. Choice of graphics. Choice of graphics. with other graphics background is background is on the page. consistent from consistent from page to page and page to page. is appropriate for the topic.Subject Subject useful and Subject was Subject is missing Subject is missing meets the needs of somewhat useful more than 2 key several elements. an online teacher and meets the elements. Objectives not of adults. The needs of an online Objectives are clearly stated or objectives are teacher of adults. ambiguous and are missing and clearly stated and The objectives are material not not aligned with material is aligned somewhat met but aligned with objectives. with the objectives. not clearly aligned objectives. with the objectives.Content - All content Most of the content The content is Content is typicallyAccuracy throughout the is accurate but generally accurate, confusing or presentation is there is one piece but one piece of contains more than accurate. There are of information that information is one factual error. no factual errors. might be clearly flawed or inaccurate. inaccurate.Spelling and Presentation has Presentation has 1- Presentation has Presentation hasGrammar no misspellings or 2 misspellings, but 1-2 grammatical more than 2 grammatical errors. no grammatical errors but no grammatical and/or errors. misspellings. spelling errors.Effectiveness Project includes all Project includes Project is missing Project is lacking material needed to most material more than two key several key gain a comfortable needed to gain a elements. It would elements and has understanding of comfortable make an inaccuracies that the topic. It is a understanding of incomplete tutorial. make it a poor highly effective the material but is tutorial. tutorial. lacking one or two key elements. It is an adequate tutorial.Presenter Presenter head Presenter is in Presenter is Presenter is shot is visible in camera, but missing more than lacking a presence, center of camera, missing a key 2 key elements. It disheveled in professional factor. It would would make a less appearance, no appearance and make an adequate than adequate eye contact, and makes eye contact presentation. Voice presentation. Voice clearly with camera. Voice is modulated. is difficult to hear. disorganized. is well modulated. Distinct beginning Beginning and end Voice is not Distinct beginning and end. Time is somewhat audible. No and end. Time is between 8-15 min. distinctive. Time is beginning and end between 8-15 min. not within specified or logical limits. sequence. Time is not within specified limits.
  2. 2. Meets real-life The project and its The project and The project and The project andneed components can be components meets components meets components do not used in an actual most needs for an few needs for an meet a need for an educational actual educational actual educational actual educational environment. environment. environment. environment.Includes The project N/A N/A The project did notdiscussion included a include a discussion about discussion aboutabout online using online using onlineteaching tool teaching tools and teaching tools and how to use them in how to use them in online classrooms. online classrooms.Date Created: November 12, 2009Date Last Modified: December 02, 2009Copyright © 2000-2007 Advanced Learning Technologies in Education Consortia ALTEC To view information about the Privacy Policies and the Terms of Use, please go to the following web address: