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Where Are We on the Demand-Driven Journey? A Look Back and a Look Forward.


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When the P&G team shared insights on out-of-stocks with A. G. Lafley, he said “I have discovered a new billion dollar brand opportunity.” The goal was to orchestrate the supply chain to better deliver on the first moment of truth—having the item in stock on the shelf when the customer wanted to purchase the product. Jake Barr shares insights on the evolution of this strategy and then brings Lora Cecere and Carol Ptak to the stage to discuss two complimentary, but different views of demand-driven strategies.

Jake Barr, CEO of BlueWorld Supply Chain Consulting; Carol Ptak, Partner at the Demand-driven Institute; and Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights.

A presentation from the 2015 Supply Chain Insights Global Summit

Published in: Business
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