The Supply Chain Shaman's Journal - Winter 2013 - A Focused Look at Supply Chain Leadership


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The Supply Chain Shaman’s Journal is a collection of blog posts written over the course of the last four years. I love to write. I find the Supply Chain Shaman blog fun. Many of these posts are inspired by working with clients.
Working with clients normally involves travel, and business travel is tough. Many of these articles are written hunched over my laptop in an uncomfortable position in a seat on an airplane. To make the time pass by faster, from wheels-up to wheels-down, I try to inject humor and color into the stories. It makes the trip go by faster. I hope that you will enjoy my wry wit and stories from the road.
The Journal should be read like a collection of short stories with each individual post sharing a unique set of insights on a specific topic. Keep this in mind as you read this journal. If not, as a collection of blog posts, they may seem disjointed.
While the first journal focused on Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), this second journal is focused on the evolution of leadership in supply chain organizations. The articles are organized around five sub-themes:
Insights on Supply Chain Leadership
Evolution of Supply Chain Organizations
Organizational Alignment
The Impending Talent Gap
Interviews with Leaders

Read and enjoy. Share with your friends and let me know your feedback.
I wish you all the best in your supply chain journey

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