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The Supply Chain Shaman's Journal - Spring 2014 - A Focused Look at Building Value Networks


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The Supply Chain Shaman’s Journal is a collection of blog posts with a common theme. The posts were written between 2010 and 2014 as I worked with clients, gave speeches, and gathered research on the evolution of supply chain management.
The Journal should be read like a collection of short stories with each individual post sharing a unique set of insights on a specific topic. Keep this in mind as you read it. If not, as a collection of blog posts, they may seem disjointed.
This issue is focused on building end-to-end value chains through business networks. The articles are organized around three sub-themes:

The Evolution of B2B Networks

Building the End-to-End Supply Chain

The Definition of B2B Relationships
While companies say that they want to build end-to-end value networks, in essence they are automating the enterprise and running the network on spreadsheets and by phone/fax. The reader will find the journey is in its infancy.
Read and enjoy. Share with your friends and let me know your feedback.
I wish you all the best on your supply chain journey,
Lora Cecere, a.k.a. the Supply Chain Shaman

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