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Supply Chain Metrics That Matter-A Focus on Semiconductor Companies


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In this report, we share insights on 31 companies in the Semiconductor industry. This industry is the primary raw material provider and driver of innovation in the technology value network. Within the industry, there are three primary shifts defining the market:
1) Advanced analytics are pushing advancement in semiconductor manufacturing
2) New mobility trends are diversifying demand for automotive semiconductors
3) Security issues represent the greatest obstacle to growth of the Internet of Things, and semiconductor companies are helping address the issue
Within the technology value network, the story is survival. Price compression, technology advancement, and short product life cycles transformed supply chains. Most scrambled to keep up.
Due to the degree of change, some of the most advanced supply chain practices within any industry are in the technology value network. Despite the scramble to drive change and improve value, year-over-year change in this maturing value chain is a sea of red. In Table 1, the top number within each cell represents the average during the 2010 through 2016 time period, and the bottom number represents the percentage change in 2016 as compared to the value in 2010. So, the average growth in the Semiconductor industry was 14%, but the net change comparing the growth of 2010 to 2016 was a sharp decline of 23%.

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