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Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: A Focus on the Retail Industry - 16 FEB 2017


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Report Details: This report is based on analysis of financial balance sheet and income statement data within the Retail industry, for the period of 2006-2015. The data is collected from YCharts.
Objective: To use financial balance sheet and income statement data to better understand the state of Grocery Retailers' and Mass Merchants' supply chains and to determine which companies’ supply chains did the best on the delivery of a portfolio of metrics over the last decade.
Highlight: During the Great Recession retailers faced strong declines in spending. It was a critical time, but for many it was an opportunity to emerge stronger. Those who redefined their stores for the dollar-conscious customer or built new and innovative formats while driving supply chain innovation, drove strong balance sheet results. Others learned that doing traditional retail more efficiently was not enough.

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