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Risk Management: Should You Sleep at Night? - Webinar - 18 NOV 2015


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Risks are higher in a global supply chain. To deal with these potential hazards, risk management has evolved beyond dealing with an issue when it’s about to happen to focus on prevention, early sensing, and coordinated execution to respond to an event. There are new strategies and technologies that can proactively formulate a plan to protect your business and operations from the storm of unforeseen events. But how do you get started?

At Supply Chain Insights, it’s our mission to help you improve your operations. We tackled this issue in a panel based webinar on November 18, 2015 featuring Lora Cecere and Pierre Mitchell from Spend Matters to give you their perspective and answer your questions on how to include an effective risk management strategy.

Listen to this webinar to hear from these distinguished experts as they debate how to prepare for an unknown future and safeguard your business from risk using business alignment and risk management tools.

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