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Learn How to Use Blockchain Today in Your Supply Chain - webinar


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You’ve no doubt read the excitement about blockchain in supply chain, but what can you do now? Today’s supply chain is increasingly dependent on a decentralized model for its information exchanges. Whether its inter-enterprise order management, multi-tier supplier interactions, or intra-company exchanges, most companies struggle with getting access to and effectively using enterprise information resulting in a lack of visibility, trust, and misalignment which means business performance suffers. Leading blockchain application environments focus on enabling secure, access controlled, collaborative exchanges between multiple parties in a secure, trusted environment. During this webinar, you will learn about the requirements for an effective supply chain blockchain application environment which can digitally transform intra- and inter-enterprise data exchanges making them trusted, verified, and irrefutable enabling more reliable and confident data exchanges, faster business cycles, and lower costs. 62 minutes recorded on 2 MAY 2018

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