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Launch of the Supply Chain Index - webinar - 25 APR 2013


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Join us in this webinar for our launch of the Supply Chain Index. This is a new ranking system and benchmarking tool for companies to use to evaluate supply chain excellence. To build the index, we have taken the long view. The Index is based upon financial performance of companies from 2006 forward. Using market valuations of publicly traded companies, we have built a formulaic representation of supply chain excellence using supply chain ratios (e.g., ratios like Days of Inventory, Operating Margin, Revenue/Employee, Altman Z). Building a great supply chain is not something that can be done with a short-term project approach. Excellence comes in small steps over a sustained long-term period. The Supply Chain Index allows companies to better understand the relationship between supply chain ratios and financial (market capitalization) performance. In the webinar, companies will be able to understand which metrics correlate strongly with market capitalization growth. Come listen to this webinar to understand who has done it best and the lessons learned.

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