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Cross-Survey Analysis 2012-2015 - 28 Studies - Summary Charts - 17 MAR 2016


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Research Overview:
Details: The research for this report is based on twenty-eight surveys fielded during the period of January 2012 – December 2015. The research was a progressive set of studies to understand supply chain excellence. In the report, we use responses from over 2000 respondents to understand the characteristics of a supply chain that is working well.
 Objective: To better understand the levers and actions that are the most impactful for supply chain leaders to take to improve supply chain excellence.
 Highlights: While many claim that consolidation of ERP instances will improve supply chain excellence, we find in this report that companies that report that their supply chains are working well have designed organizations to centralize reporting with manufacturing reporting to the supply chain leader In addition, these leaders invested in supply chain visibility, have a clearer definition of supply chain strategy to improve alignment and agility, and are better at delivering on technology projects to deliver software usability.

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