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Building Sustainable Supply Chains. What Is the Future? - webinar - 15 MAR 2013


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Building Sustainable Supply Chains. What Is the Future?
The first corporate social responsibility statement was published by Dow Chemical in 1996. Since then, how have supply chain leaders and corporate sustainability leaders defined supply chain initiatives? What are the priorities? Where are the commonalities? Are they aligned? How has the focus on carbon reduction, water usage minimization, zero waste, conflict minerals, and labor practices changed supply chain? What has it meant to supplier development? What are the differences? Join us for a joint discussion with John Davies, Vice President and Senior Analyst of Greenbiz, and Lora Cecere, Founder of Supply Chain Insights, on a recent joint research project with Greenbiz. We will also be joined by guest panelists Peter Murray, Supply Chain Development and Innovation Leader of DuPont, and David Lyons, Sr. Vice President, Operations & Supply Chain of Wells Dairy.

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