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Analytics Strategies Study - 2017 Survey summary charts


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Report Details: The research for this report was conducted via an online survey from October 24 – December 12, 2017. Surveys were conducted among a mix of business users (manufacturers, retailers, and wholesalers/distributors/co-operatives, n=56) and vendors (software providers, consultants, and third-party logistics providers, n=53), and others (academics, analysts, unemployed, and others, n=28). The analysis focuses primarily on users and vendors. All respondents were required to be at least a little familiar with analytics strategies.
Objective: To understand current analytics strategies and where companies are investing. NOTE: analytics strategies (technologies and tactics) include the Internet of Things (IoT), cognitive computing, Hadoop, Blockchain, data visualization, text mining, data lakes, software robots, unstructured data mining, sentiment analysis, and drones, etc.
Highlight: New forms of analytics offer great potential and opportunities. The greatest value will happen when companies consciously test and learn and redefine processes based on new capabilities. Core to this journey is the alignment of IT and business with a focus on value and business outcomes.

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