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Political unrest: the novel


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The Kite Runner condensed into 3 slides, courtesy of Matthew Rudolphski.

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Political unrest: the novel

  1. 1. Political unrest: the novelWhile Amir may appear to be the main character, it is really Afghanistan itself. • The many political changes in the country—from the republic to the Taliban, etc.—are the driving force behind Amir’s situation. • In addition, the outbreak of war and the inequality between Pashtuns and Hazaras in the country lead to the country feeling pain, like a real person.A wise man once said “Everything is about sex…Except sex.” Assef’s earlyraping of Hassan isn’t just about asserting his own dominance, it alsoforeshadows/symbolizes the coming fall of security within the nation.
  2. 2. Thesis• Radical social and political changes in the novel are the main contribution and ultimate compass for the events laid out in the story.
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